Cancer Monthly Horoscope (22nd June to 22nd July)

This Month Feb 2016

The month may begin on a slightly low note. It is probably because benevolent Jupiter is transiting in a retrograde mode, and is in conjunction with the malefic Rahu. To make matters worse, wily Saturn has an aspect over Jupiter and Rahu. For businessmen and professionals, all this means that they may need to increase contacts with worthy customers and keep communication channels open to optimize opportunities. Job holders will be required to toil to finish tasks, by the cut-off dates. As the second week opens, with both Moon and Sun posited in the 8th House from your Sign, your spirits may continue to be low. You will be distracted, and may find yourself unable to perform well at work, especially in the latter weeks of the month. The financial position may also be disheartening. By mid-month, some unexpected expenses could upset your saving plans. Those married may get stressed about indiscriminate spending, by their better half. Your own personal expenses may start going out of hand. According to Ganesha, these income-expenditure imbalances are likely to make your head spin, unless you take strong steps to manage it all. Around the third Thursday, Venus leaves Capricorn to enter Aquarius. This does spell well for relationships, in general, and specifically for domestic matters. Make time to attend to issues that need your consideration. Sun transiting through Pisces at the end of the month may thankfully pull you out of despair and depression, but Mercury’s movement to Pisces (its Sign of debilitation) may slow down the momentum on some fronts. You may, however, get interested in other activities, which please you, and bring you mental satisfaction. The transiting Sun shall now be getting afflicted by malefic Ketu, which may lead to some discontent in the family. You will need to do some re-budgeting. Be careful, lest you miss out on some good opportunity, given your tardy response. Being quick on your feet is one of the secrets to success, counsels Ganesha. For young singles, the environment looks conducive, especially towards the month-end. They may meet their soul mate. However, married folks may not get many tender moments. With regards to health, those with respiratory concerns should get themselves treated promptly to save complications. Joint pains may also need attention. Thankfully, things shall get better as February gives way to March. Nonetheless, stay careful, as Mercury shall move to Pisces, its Sign of debilitation, making communication matters tougher or garbled. Keep a tab on your temper too, around the month-end.

Important Dates
12, 14, 18, 20, 29

Tips : The planetary picture urges you to go slow, learn from your past mistakes and not get restless. When things seem slower than they ought to be, just go with the flow, and utilise your time to review, reflect and plan. Stay close to the ground realities. If you are a business- person, take advantage of the 3rd week’s stars to strike a big deal. Career professionals may also be able to come across a new job opportunity, if they have been looking. Tact and patience will hold you in a good stead.