Feb 2015

Romance is on the cards for you this week, predicts Ganesha. If you are single, this shall be an ideal time to express your feelings to the person you love and make a commitment. Those already in a relationship can now firm up their bonds by tying the knot. However, for those of you who are already married, it shall not be a very good week. You may be stressed on account of strained relationship with your spouse. Businessmen are likely to have a dull time, except for those in fashion, spa and luxury goods’ industry. For professionals, this is a favourable time to consolidate your position, and prepare for higher growth and the responsibility that comes along with it. Your equation with your seniors will be good, and this factor shall contribute to your sense of security. The stars indicate a job change or rising work dissatisfaction for most Signs this week. What’s on your mind? Whatever, it may be, it shall pay to remain careful and measured, before you take a major decision like a job change. On the other hand, there’s no point in sticking to a job that doesn’t do anything for you any more…So, should you take the leap? Consult your Personal Stars – to get a reliable answer and solution, which will increase your happiness and satisfaction. Ask a Career QuestionOR get a 3 years Career Report…NOW!

Mar 2015

Businessmen will have to really work very hard to gain success this month. Ganesha predicts good profits from increasing turnover, so overall this is a good phase for you, except for the last few days of the month, when things will become stagnant. However, there is no need to lose heart, as it will only be a passing phase. Make the best use of the time by analysing your current situation and making foolproof plans for the future. If you happen to be a professional, you are likely to lack focus and determination in the initial stages of the month, and this is bound to reflect in your work. Your half-hearted involvement and silly mistakes may not go down well with your bosses. You may feel disgruntled and start hunting for another job. However, exercise due caution before taking any such major decision. Do seek solutions from a personalised perspective, instead of going by generalised predictions or hunches. Ask a Career Question (Detailed Answer)to get answer basis your Birth Details, before you take a major decision. On the financial front, outflow of cash will be adequately balanced by the inflow, some of it from unexpected sources.

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