Cancer Monthly Horoscope

(22nd June to 22nd July)

This Month (Aug 2015)

A buzzing month, bustling with activities, awaits you. Socialising, partying, love, possibly beginning of a new relationship, misunderstanding, professional challenges—all shall keep you on your toes. And, happily, the stars help you stay prepared to deal with it all. You may come across a new person, as you step out dressed to hilt, one of the nights. Even if this doesn’t turn out to be a romantic involvement, you can expect it to be useful for your future progress. If married, expect happiness. However, as the month wanes, stars become a little testy, leaving you stressed. Refrain from heated verbal exchanges and pointing fingers. Or else, the relationship stress may adversely affect your health. If everything seems too much, consider investing in a Personalised Astrology guidance that will help you get astute answers, basis your Personal Horoscope. Ask a Personal Question (Detailed Advice) OR Speak to an Astrologer. Work-wise, gear up for handling some troubled projects. Multitasking and struggle may exhaust you. But, being slow or incompetent is not be an option, says Ganesha. Don’t let any complaint or criticism affect you. In business, be ready to meet some odds. The rule of the 9th House from your Sign, Jupiter, is in a combust state, dampening your luck, so there may be some financial glitches too. But, this is just a phase, and it will pass. If you are a fresher, taking up a job that requires frequent travelling may benefit you in the long run.

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Cancer Overview

(June 22 – July 22)

Sanskrit Name : Karkataka | Meaning of Name : The Crab | Type : Water-Cardinal-Negative. | Lord : The Moon :Orange, White | Lucky Day : Monday, Thursday | Lucky Number : 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25

Cancer is a Water Sign and stands 4th in the Zodiac. Lovers of home and family, the Cancers or Crabs are sensitive, emotional, harmonious, dedicated yet fixed. Most Cancer-born value their home, loved ones and comforts more than anything else. To most Cancer-born, the most noble goal lies in sheltering and providing every comfort to their loved ones. Soothing and caring Cancers are also quick in offering help to others. On their part, they try and avoid/ duck conflicts, as much as possible. This very trait makes them quiet and controlled about their own feelings. The Crab will quickly withdraw and retreat to the safety of its shell than confront and come clean – whenever faced with a conflict or dilemma. Nonetheless, persistent determination is one of the greatest strengths of the strong Cancer-born. They may not appear to have great ambitions, on surface, yet their desires and goals are deep and profound. At work, the Cancerians make for good managers and organizers, and are often seen taking good care of their co-workers and maintaining friendly, family like relations with them. Most Cancers, however, do not like to be guided or bossed around. Few know that Cancers can actually be quite dominating – quietly so – in their work ways. In relationships, naturally, Cancer-born are loyal and dedicated to their mates, bestowing love and affection with verbal appreciation and material gifts, whenever possible. Most noteworthy is the fact that Cancer-born make excellent parents, and they love their children to the core. Often, the Crabs are proud of their children, and instruct and teach their children moral manners, expecting them to be as well-mannered in private as they are in public.