Feb 2015

This seems to be a good week to review the direction in which you life is moving, but you will feel energetic and be action-oriented. So, there shall be a good combination of intuition and action. Professionals will have to accept new challenges and shoulder more responsibilities to make a mark. This is also true for businessmen, who shall need to experiment with new ideas and explore new territories to achieve higher growth. Around Wednesday and Thursday, you may suffer from minor health issues like cough or cold. There is also a possibility of getting injured accidentally. This is a good time to invest in profitable bonds. At home, despite your best efforts, differences in your conjugal life may continue to distract and disturb you, feels Ganesha. It’s also the time for career appraisals! Are you prepared? What plans you have for your career in the coming times? Clueless? Well, it’s still not too late. Prepare a roadmap for your career with Astrology based, personalised guidance Career Reports that shall be prepared exclusively for you, basis your Personal Horoscope.

Mar 2015

Businessmen will have to really work very hard to gain success this month. Ganesha predicts good profits from increasing turnover, so overall this is a good phase for you, except for the last few days of the month, when things will become stagnant. However, there is no need to lose heart, as it will only be a passing phase. Make the best use of the time by analysing your current situation and making foolproof plans for the future. If you happen to be a professional, you are likely to lack focus and determination in the initial stages of the month, and this is bound to reflect in your work. Your half-hearted involvement and silly mistakes may not go down well with your bosses. You may feel disgruntled and start hunting for another job. However, exercise due caution before taking any such major decision. Do seek solutions from a personalised perspective, instead of going by generalised predictions or hunches. Ask a Career Question (Detailed Answer)to get answer basis your Birth Details, before you take a major decision. On the financial front, outflow of cash will be adequately balanced by the inflow, some of it from unexpected sources.

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