Dec 2014

With your rapport with your spouse going downhill, Ganesha feels that this week you shall make concerted efforts to sort out your differences, not only by avoiding arguments but also positively doing things which please him/her. However, this is unlikely to impress your partner much, who may respond reluctantly and may keep nurturing reservations about going ahead with you. With Mercury turning retrograde this week, singles shall have enough time to rethink a love relationship, and whatever decision you take, shall work in your favour. As for your job, superiors shall be cooperative about resolving your complaints and help you take quick decisions. This shall motivate you to perform better. On the financial front, no extra income is expected, and if you are a businessman you may have to work extra hard to maintain profit margins. To address your business concerns better, avail the product Business Ask A Question – Detailed Advice, which is totally based on the details of your Natal Chart.

Jan 2015

This month, you shall work with all your might, putting your heart and soul into your work, which may give you enormous success in your professional life. On the flip side, you may face certain difficult moments in your domestic life. It does not mean that you have not been trying to give your due attention to your household chores, but the stars may simply be not in your favour on the domestic front. Or, let’s say, you may be so occupied in your work sphere that you may really not get much of chance and time at home. Nonetheless, Ganesha advises you to give special attention and care towards nurturing your personal relations, especially with your spouse. In case, you fail to give your undivided attention to your spouse or fail to handle a special relationship wisely and tactfully – then, certain long standing issues may lead to major issues. If you already have been going through a tumultuous time at personal level, a relationship break up is also likely. However, don’t rush or get scared. Stars and these matters may not remain dull throughout the month. In the second week of January, your favourable star – Mars will be waiting to shower sweet surprises at you. The positive influence of Mars shall enhance your work performance, and during this time period, your efforts may be recognised by your superiors/ bosses. There is a possibility that you might be assigned a bigger role/ profile in your current organisation. And, the happy results of this shall spill on your personal life too. You may also order a detailed and Personalised Vedic Astrology service with Career Prospects Report, to know what exactly lies ahead on your career path. This report shall be based on your Birth Chart, and thus the guidance you get shall be absolutely reliable.

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