Cancer – Cancer Compatibility

Cancer-Cancer Compatibility

Cancer-Cancer Compatibility
Cancerians are very compassionate and emotional beings. They are prone to extreme mood swings and are strongly attached to their family. Cancerians are sensitive and can get hurt very easily by harsh comments or anger. It needs lot of cuddling and snuggling to please them otherwise they will keep mum, cry and confine themselves to their den only. Cancerians are also very secretive and hesitant, will not share their problems with anyone but will always remain there to support and inspire you. Cancerians will shower their love, affection, kindness and protect you in the time of need. Finding it hard to handle your emotional Cancer partner? Make use of our Love Ask A Question service to make sense of your questions and get clear and pointed answers to them to make your relationship better.

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Cancer Woman
The association of a Cancer with another may be like a sinking ‘Titanic’ ship. Both the individuals merely understand each other’s needs and feelings. They are extremely emotional and have numerous mood swings. The more they stretch their fuming discussion the more will be the chances of separation. Both need to fulfil each other’s demand for love, care and protection and if fulfilled, the probability of staying calmly and peacefully increases.

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