Better batting but mediocre bowling by Ravindra Jadeja in ICC CWC 2015, predicts Ganesha.

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  • Born on 6th December, 1988 in Navagam-Khed, Gujarat, India.
  • Left Hand Batsman and Left-Arm Orthodox Bowler.
  • Played for Saurashtra, Rajasthan, India U19, India, Board Presidents XI, Kochi Tuskers Kerala, Chennai, India B, Indians.
  • Test best 68; ODI best 87.
  • Jadeja initially played for India in the 2006 Under-19 World Cup Team, and impressed everyone by taking 3 wickets against Pakistan. He was also Vice-Captain of the victorious 2008 U/19-CWC-Indian Squad. Ravindra even displayed a solid all-round performance in the 2008-09 Ranji Trophy, 42 wickets and 739 runs. Thereafter, he made his ODI debut in 2009 against Sri Lanka and scored 50+. Jadeja also made his debut in the 2009 T20 WC, and displayed a star performance in the 2008 and 2009 IPL. Thereafter in 2011, he scored a superb 78 in the third ODI against England. In the 2012-13 Ranji Trophy, Jadeja became the first player to score three triple centuries. Ravindra played his debut Test Match against the visiting English team in 2012, where he picked up nine wickets and scored 128 runs. In 2012-13 home Test series against Australia, Jadeja dismissed skipper Michael Clarke five times. In 2013 he topped the ICC’s ODI rankings, as the first Indian since Anil Kumble in 1996. In 2014, he made a quick-fire fifty in the ODI against New Zealand in Auckland. Hence we can hope that this smart left-arm spinner and hard-hitting batsman shines brightly in the 2015 CWC.

Stars Speak

After making it to the Indian cricket squad for 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup after a plenty of speculation, all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja has a lot to prove. Truth is that Jadeja has it in him to fulfill the void in the Indian team for a dependable all-rounder. He is a gifted player, who has the ability to turn a match’s fortunes with his aggressive batting and impressive bowling.
A reading of his Solar Horoscope, basis the tenets of Vedic Astrology, tells that Jadeja is born with Moon Sign Libra that is ruled by the planet of luxury, love and indulgence, Venus. This is likely to have given him a carefree, relaxed attitude. On the other hand, his Natal Sun is placed in the Zodiac Sign Scorpio, which would have given him an aggressive and strong stance.
If we talk in regard to this Cricket World Cup, then Ravindra Jadeja, given the favourable stars for him, has a great opportunity to prove himself and shine like a real star, says Ganesha.
Mars, the signifier of sports, is posited in Pisces in Jadeja’s Natal Chart at 14 Degrees. Pisces is the 6th Sign from Jadeja’s Moon Sign i.e. Libra, and the 6th House signifies Profession or day to day performance. Also, right from the start time of the World Cup, the transiting Mars too shall start its journey through the Zodiac Sign Pisces. So, this double effect of the fiery Mars shall get a great push to the batting aggressiveness of Ravindra Jadeja.
Further, Ganesha says that there is a close connection between the stability of mind and thought – with bowling ability. Ravindra Jadeja is a spinner, and his focus is not much on spin/ turn, but on maintaining a good line and length. Australian pitches are known to favour fast bowlers, though. So, people are sceptical as to how will Jadeja be able to perform in the ICC CWC 2015.
Now, looking at Jadeja’s Chart, Ganesha says that the young cricketer is currently going through his last phase of Saturn Sade Sati. Plus, the transiting Saturn is, as of now, passing over Jadeja’s Natal Sun, posited in Scorpio. Owing to this planetary position, Ganesha tells Ravindra Jadeja to remain very careful, especially when he is bowling to turn a match. If he remains focussed, he will have the ability to turn a match in team’s favour, but a little confusion shall have the potency of foiling Jadeja’s entire effort. He should also take care of his well-being during the series, as he is likely to face minor injuries.

Ganesha’s Verdict
Ganesha feels that Ravindra Jadeja will have to be careful and focussed during the ICC CWC 2015, if he is to give impressive performances. He may perform average at batting, while his bowling may remain below average. Ganesha wishes him well.

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20 Feb 2015

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