Smoke raises Creativity

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According to Feng Shui, Creativity and Children construct productive imagination under a common roof because they share the same joules of exertion. Creative people and children are free to express themselves, irrespective of how others interpret it. And when they are around, fun is sure to follow.

The Creativity and Children section is the part of your home used for creative expression and anything to do with children (conceiving them, raising them, and having better relationships with them). The Creativity and Children gua is located in the middle right quadrant of the Bagua Map.

Things to Include:

I.Metal: Metal is the preferred element for this area. Metal picture frames are one of the easiest things to add, particularly those with pictures of children in them.
II.White: The color white equals metal in Feng Shui. You can paint the wall white, hang a wall covering that is mostly white, use a white cloth on the fireplace mantel, or add white porcelain figurines of children. Get creative and utilize your white items in this section.
III.Cervical pieces: Add white circles and balls, a white metal clock, a round white table with metal legs, a white porcelain or metal bell, round picture frames. Circles are symbolic of the wheel of life in this area.
IV.Amusement Stuff: Having fun promotes creativity, so this part of your home would be a great area to place games, instruments, toys, music collections, TV and other items that provide you with joy and laughter.
V.Hobbies and Crafts: If you want to be more active and creative in your craft activities, try using this part of your home to create them.

Things to Avoid:

I.Fire: Fire melts metal, and will create burn-out in any activity. Remove the candle collection from this area. If you have a fireplace in this section of your home or room, hang a mirror above it. Mirrors are symbolic of water in Feng Shui, so you would be putting out the fire with this water element.
II.Red: Red is a hot color and symbolic of fire. The color red in this section will snuff out your creativity, so it is best to eliminate red colors and decorative items.
III.Triangular or Pointed Objects: Since these shapes represent fire, it is best to leave them out of this space.

And finally, some quick tips for the ultimate act of creativity, developing fetus:

1)Enhance the Creativity and Children gua with baby depicting items such as a silver rattle to get the metal element working for you as well.
2)Place a spiritual or religious object in the bedroom during the time you copulate.
3)Don’t hammer nails into the house while making love.
4)Have fun and be relaxed.
5)Do not sweep around the bed when you want the energy to settle in.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

20 Mar 2009

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