Preity Zinta, co-owner of KXIP, needs to be cautious with her finances during IPL 6, says Ganesha.

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Known as a forthright, bubbly and versatile Indian actress, Preity Zinta, along with Ness Wadia and others, acquired ownership rights of the Mohali-based T20 cricket team of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008. Preity Zinta is a popular face in Indian cinema, and people best remember her for her dimpled smiles and vivacious performances in films like Soldier, Mission Kashmir, Dil Se, Veer Zara and Kya Kehna besides others. Her co-woned IPL team called as the Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) has been aggressively associated with Preity Zinta and her dimpled charm from the day Ipl began. The fact that Preity has been present in the stands for almost all matches only addd to this association. Ms. Zinta herself has been actively involved in launching ticket sales and promoting and supporting the team. The team KXIP has had its fair share of controversies, the latest one being Preity Zinta and other co-owners of Kings XI Punjab questioned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for their investments in the IPL. The ED is investigating if there was any laundering of money by any of the franchise, trying to ascertain the source of this money.

Planetary forces and their probable effects on Preity Zinta during IPL6

Ganesha reads Preity Zinta’s Natal Chart and feels that the luck may not be on Preity’s side during the next two months when IPL 6 would be on. In all probability, this happy-go-lucky actress may remain under a lot of pressure. Ganesha feels that she will have to be extra careful as far as her money and investment matters are concerned. In fact, her investment matters may give her sleepless nights, especially if she fails to handle them with the required caution.

It is advisable that Ms. Zinta maintains the status quo, and does not let things go any worse. The last fifteen days of May 2013 look set to be specially tough for her, as the transiting Mars and Ketu are going to be much closer to each other during that period.


03 Apr 2013

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