Let there be a flow of Feng Shui in your Bath/Washroom

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The main ingredients to good Feng Shui are the three C’s. They are comfort, cleanliness, and convenience and our modern bathrooms/washrooms provide them all. Let’s take a look at Feng Shui in the bathroom. Many financial woes stem from this area, hence Feng Shi in the bathroom or washroom holds significant importance.

Water is the main element in the bathroom. Rooms with a lot of water tend to have damp wet surfaces and more humid atmospheres than other rooms. This can lead to a heavier flow of chí energy, which makes it prone to stagnation.

The toilet is usually located in the bathroom, which compounds all the problems because the downward draining influence of the toilet is especially damaging. Ideally, the toilet should be as inconspicuous as possible. To minimize the draining effect of the chi energy from the toilet, position it well from away from the bathroom door.

The most favorable position for the toilet is concealed behind a half wall, screen or curtain. Keep the toilet lid closed as much as possible, but especially while it is being flushed. Keep the bathroom door closed, especially if it is in the same room as the bedroom.

Leaking pipes and dripping taps or shower heads will increase the draining effect of the bathroom. Blocked toilets are counter-productive to a favorable flow of chí energy, so keep all plumbing installations in good working condition. The draining effects will also be minimized if the bathroom is kept neat, clean, and dry at all times.

The main objectives in a bathroom are to keep the room bright, dry and fresh and to counteract the tendency for chi­ energy to stagnate in humid conditions.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve harmony and balance in this challenging room:

Lighting ~ Natural light is best. A bright sunny room creates a lively dry atmosphere and sunlight charges up the chi­ energy of the room and helps stimulate the flow. If natural light is limited, keep the room well lit, especially the corners. Bright lights stimulate chi­ energy.

Mirrors ~ Mirrors speed up the flow of chi­ energy, which is a positive feature in a bathroom where you are striving to avoid stagnation. Since bathrooms are often small, mirrors can also give a feeling of space. Do not have the mirrors facing each other.

Furniture ~ Keep furniture to a minimum. Too many objects in the bathroom create a damper, more stagnant atmosphere. Avoid overuse of fabrics. Surfaces should be easy to clean and dry. Hard shiny surfaces such as chrome, glazed ceramic tiles, polished marble and glass are more yang and stimulate the flow of chi energy.

Fresh Air ~ Good ventilation dispels humidity and helps to prevent stagnation. Open the window and let in plenty of fresh air every day.

Window Treatments ~ Slatted blinds are a good compromise between the need for privacy and for light. Avoid thick curtains. Keep blinds and curtains open as much as possible.

Plants ~ Plenty of leafy plants make the room feel fresh and alive and help to minimize the chí energy from becoming stagnant in the corners. Plants also help to absorb the extra humidity in steamy bathrooms, and generally grow well there for that reason.

Red Ribbons ~ A common Feng Shui cure to improve your finances is to tie a red string or ribbon, measuring 6, 9 or 18 inches in length, around the pipe under your sink. On very rare occasions, this can cause a back-up in the sink. If this occurs, remove the string immediately. Check for any blockages in the plumbing and repair if necessary.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

23 Apr 2008

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