Your Sun Sign – Your Problems!

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You may not find true love easily, if ever. You shall struggle hard in this life. Professionally you do not get high status easily. You are normally misunderstood because of your sharp tongue and blunt language. You may be weak in maths and science, but still manage good education. You can be a good sportsperson. You may face opposition from your friends.

You may be misunderstood. Taureans, at times get a non-compromising partner in life and business. Their partners do not stay with them for a long period. You are likely to get loss in export business due to bad partnership or improper negotiation. You may also face financial crises in your business concerning fashion, films due to inefficient management. At a later stage, you may face crises from you daughters. They also face court cases and opposition from friends and relatives.

You may suffer in marital life at times, because of the indifferent and non-compromising nature of your partner. You are normally not liked by all because they may find you arrogant. You may argue unnecessarily and lose friends. You face opposition at times and also face court cases, which they win ultimately. You can overspend your money and may lose your financial balance.

You may have to face financial losses, due to lack of planning. You will also have to struggle hard, before you settle down in your profession. You also do not have much business acumen. While in service, you may get a lot of opposition from your colleagues. In marital life, you may not be always successful. You would get opportunities to live outside your state or country, and this may keep you unhappy.

You may suffer at the hands of friends and relatives, whom you help. You get different opportunities in love affairs and at times their relationships are disturbed leading to an unhappy ending.

You may suffer in love affairs and maybe also in your marital life. You may be defamed by your enemies. You may have some problems in the real estate sector. You are sentimental and peaceful, and want to avoid unnecessary tension, so you may end up being an escapist. You may suffer as a student and in career due to lack of hard work or planning.

You may face problems in relationship. You lack planning skills to handle business matters and may suffers losses. You may face opposition and at times get involved in long disputes. Professionally, you may be misunderstood by your superiors and may not get desired status. You also do not handle family problems, properly.

You may be misunderstood. You shall also end up struggling hard to get into a good profession. In business, if your establish independently, you normally tend to lose in the initial stages. If in profession, you come in contact with couple of fair weather friends, belonging to opposite sex and at times, may end up losing your face or reputation. You may also face court cases and opposition from friends and relatives.

You can be fooled in love, because you trust easily. Still, you bounce back easily, and look for another partner. You may not be successful in business for the lack of handling partners. Your colleagues may dislike your independent nature. You may not be satisfied with your relationship, at times. You may face opposition from friends and relatives. You shall struggle, but would eventually be successful.

You help others at the time of crisis, at your own cast. You may suffer in love affairs and marital relationship. You are alos liable to be misunderstood and may lose your friends. Your friends normally ditch you. You face opposition and may get involved in unnecessary litigation, without any fruit. You also tend to get strained in property matters of others. You may also suffer, owing to your extravagance.

You normally suffer in love affairs and marital life. Your friends can easily take advantage of your simplicity and trustworthy nature. You face tough opposition, and may get involved in court cases, at times. You may suffer as a result of property disputes, and may be liable to be betrayed by your friends and partners.

You tend to help others at your own cost and may suffer loss of finances and reputation. You are normally misunderstood, and face tough opposition. Professionally, you may also suffer because of opposition and at times you have to change their places of work. You also suffer in love affairs and marital life.

14 May 2015

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