7 Easy Tips To Bring In Good Luck In The New Year

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Do you want to attract good luck into your home in the New Year, and thereby bring in more harmony and balance to your life? Well, you can achieve it by following these simple tips.
1. Purify Your Home: It is imperative to remove all negative energy that is accumulated during the year from your home. Thus, you should clean the space of your home. Also, make it a point to do these cleaning chores well before the New Year day.

Next, it is important to fill the space with positive ene rgy. To achieve this, you may do the following:
  • Once your home is thoroughly cleaned, go into the middle area of your home and stand there.
  • Fully empty your mind from all thoughts.
  • Ring a seven-metal bell continuously (or any type of bell that can produce ringing sound). Keep ringing till you feel that the space is totally filled with the ringing of bells.
  • Finally, light up sandalwood incense sticks, and keep it there so that its fresh, pleasing fragrance spreads in the entire room. Additionally, you may light up sandalwood incense sticks and
  • keep one in every room of your home, so that your entire home is filled with a pleasing fragrance.
This is the simplest way to purify your home, and fill your home with fresh and positive energy.

2(A). Dine With Your Loved Ones: On New Year’s Eve, dine with your family and welcome the New Year together. Relishing meals together is a sign of intimacy and closeness. Further, you may indulge in some playing, singing and dancing, while welcoming in the New Year. Don’t forget to include your grandma/s and grandpa/s, and let everyone participate.

2(B). Share Meals With Your Close Relatives/ Friends: On the New Year Day, you may invite your close relatives and/ or friends to share a meal together. Savouring food together represents happiness and contentment. You may also keep lots of fresh oranges on the dining table and give an orange to everyone who visits your home on the New Year. Orange is a symbol of longevity, prosperity and good luck. You may also gift small ringing bells to the children.
3. Greet: On the New Year Day, greet everyone with – “Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year”.

4. The Outfit: Wear an outfit in red colour. Since red is a happy colour, it brings good luck to the person wearing it. In case, you don’t like the red coloured clothing, you may wear accessories that are red or of the same colour family.

5. Don’t Scold Your Children: Refrain from scolding your children on the New Year. Welcoming a New Year is precisely the time for merriment and enjoyment.
6. Keep Sharp Cutting Instruments Out Of Sight: Be mindful, and keep away all the sharp cutting instruments out of sight on this day. These may include knives, scissors, razor blades etc. These items are considered inauspicious, as they may ruin your good luck.

7. Pay Off Your Bills: You may pay off your bills or debts on the New Year day, which is considered as auspicious. If you can’t pay it all, make part payments. It reflects your attitude to make yourself free from all debts, and thus, helps you invite happiness and contentment into your life.

01 Jan 2015

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