14 Ways You Leos Roared Your Identity in 2014….

Ganeshaspeaks.com 1. You loved to play the leader – you strove for perfection, led from the front, and carried the rest of your team along…as always..and that brought you happiness and satisfaction, like nothing else.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 2. Wherever you went, with your cheery, never-say-die attitude, you managed to transform the atmosphere from negative to positive.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 3. You were sweet, amiable and the best friend in times of need to the ones you love; and to also the ones who seemed to be in the need of your help and generosity. Despite being in an authoritative position, you tried to be humble enough to help people around you, and in the process, won their hearts….for life!
Ganeshaspeaks.com 4. Even when everyone around you may have given up on resolving a certain issue, you managed to come up with a solution…with your optimism…and whether it worked or not, it really did uplift everyone else’s spirits.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 5. Your skills of leadership, communication and persuasion worked wonders…or at least, you like to believe so. And, this kept your confidence and spirit flying high!
Ganeshaspeaks.com 6. You also ended up using harsh words occasionally, but eventually people got around to realising that you had their best interests at heart.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 7. As always, you went for the best – whether it was gadgets, furniture, cars or clothes – and loved it when your class and royal touch impressed people and evoked praises.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 8. …but when this didn’t, you tended to become or behave somewhat arrogant, devil-may-care in your attitude…Although, it did hurt you inside, you refused to show the world your pain or hurt!
Ganeshaspeaks.com 9. You did your best to look and be the best…but, yet again your happiness depended on the appreciation you received (or not received) from others.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 10. When you bumped (yet again!) into your soul-mate, or whenever you felt besotted by someone, your romantic self came to the fore, and you showered him/her with attentions, praises and gifts.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 11. You gave your spouse/ beloved unconditional acceptance, irrespective of his/her shortcomings, and this loyalty strengthened your bond.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 12. On the odd occasion, you became so obstinate that all members in your team or family put together could not convince you to do the right thing.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 13. There were times when people around you thoroughly resented your domineering ways….but you did not budge.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 14. At other times, once you had made up your mind about something, you became so impatient for results, that you drove people around you nuts. And, if you happened to be the boss at work or home, this also resulted in some serious resentment. Yet, the end result was a smiling, confident you.

20 Jan 2015

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