Cancer – Colourful and coy ways to style your festive outfits

For Cancer (the Crabs)
Best Colours
  • Ruled by the fast moving Moon, the Cancer natives tend to have eclectic colour choices, which keep changing with their age and lifestyles.
  • Nonetheless, the pearly whites and silvery hues are their best bet, whenever Cancers are dressing to impress.
  • You will anyway see most Cancers in deep love with the crisp whites and dreamy off-whites.
  • Other colours that suit them well include violets, lavender, silver grey, paler hues of red and surf greens.

  • The hues of the pale purple family – specifically lavender and violet – are good for energy and vitality. And, Cancers can be sure to benefit from these energising colours.
  • White and silver are colours represented by Cancers’ ruling planet Moon. Hence, they can easily be called their fortune or lucky colours.
  • Pearl is the birthstone for Cancers, and its various hues – ranging from greyish white to scintillating white to palest of the pinks – are known to promote calmness, sensitivity and spirituality.
  • The negative, pessimistic side of the Cancer-born gets curbed by the bright, clear optimism of the crisp whites. Whites also lend clarity and stability to the slightly shaky Cancer natives.
  • Since white is a neutral colour, it also is a good absorber of negativity, anxiety and emotional excesses – all of which is often synonymous with the Cancer-borns.

Special Tips
  • Even though Cancer is a Water Sign, deep, darker blues are best avoided by Cancer-borns. They may, nonetheless, wear paler blues or the marine blues/ greens, as they suit their cool temperaments.
  • Wavy, light, frothy, serene, subdued and fuss-free – are the adjectives best connected to the sensitive Cancers, and thus fabrics, colours, styles, which touch these adjectives’ description in some way or the other are favourable for sometimes crabby Crabs.
  • A classic silhouette suits the traditional Cancer the best, so they should largely stick to classic separates and tried and tested designs.
  • Although, it’s undeniable that whites and palest of the pales are the best hues for Cancer-borns, using too much of the same colour or monochrome outfits may wash them out completely.

Festive Tips
  • Cancers must incorporate brighter colours and sometimes newer styles in their wardrobes. Interesting touches may be added through accessories too.
  • White and baby pink is an excellent combination for a festive outfit for the Cancer-born females. Also, they may mix a multi-coloured palette with stark white to create a dramatic effect.
  • Silver accents work really well for watery, moony Cancers, so it’s all the more easier for them to dress up their outfits for the festive season. Males may dress up in silver grey kurtas with off-white stoles with silver edging and blue jeans. Females may dress up in pale blue lehngas and white, silvery duppattas. Bright sarees with silver borders are also great options.
  • For the Western wear, Cancers may rely on lavender or violet mixed with whites as their go-to colours. Lavender shirt or a white shirt with a lavender/ purple tie is a great look, while for the girls, violet dresses with nude or white pumps will do the trick.

03 Feb 2015

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