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Name – The name “zircon” is derived from the word zarqun meaning vermilion in Arabic and golden – coloured in Persian.

Indian name – Zircon only.

Formation – Found in igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks.

Sources – Zircon is found in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania and France.

Available colours – Its colour ranges from colourless, yellow, red, orange, brown, yellowish-green, bright green, dark-green and sky-blue.


SG – 4.69        RI – 1.93 – 1.98        Hardness – 7.5
The chemical composition of zircon is ZrSiO4. It contains radioactive thorium and uranium.

Advantages – On wearing zircon, one can have the following benefits:
  • Provides wisdom, honour and riches.
  • Prevents nightmares and ensures a deep tranquil sleep.
  • Helps the individual to get a peaceful state of being.
  • Loss of stone’s lustre warns of an impending danger.

Fancy Fact – In the Middle Ages, all yellow stones of East Indian origin were called as hyacinth, but today this term is restricted to the yellow zircons.

Zircon is a good substitute gemstone for diamond. If you feel it is a right gemstone you, you should consider wearing it, but only after carefully considered advice from an expert Astrologer. Speak to an Astrologer. If you have already decided that Zircon is a suitable gem for you, you may get an original Zircon gemstone here.

04 Nov 2014

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