Tarot Predictions for September 2014.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com Aries – The Hierophant upright
Indications: Unwillingness to take a call shall prevail. You would prefer to follow somebody and compromise your own sense of judgement because you don’t want others to judge you for your independent decisions. A particular person is playing an important role in your life at this point. Take the conventional route if you are stuck in a situation.

Lesson: A more organised and structured approach in life will help you deal with difficult situations in a much better way. Also, restore your priorities in order to give your best and reach your goals.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Taurus – Two of Swords upright
Indications: You may be at an important juncture in your life right now. In all likelihood, you are ignoring the presence a particular problem. However, you must understand that the problem will not vanish in thin air just like that. You will have to take a decision, sooner or later. Change your usual way of thinking.

Lesson: Respect others and their viewpoints, because you may not be always right. The Two of Swords tells you to that hiding from the truth or hiding the truth will not bring the peace or harmony in your life.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Gemini – Seven of Wands upright
Indications: Struggle post successful initiations; expect some obstacle in your path. You wish to gain support from others, but know that you will have to fight your battles alone. Keep your eyes and ears open as some jealous people may try to make things even more challenging for you.

Lesson – Do not get affected by the negativity floating around. Set realistic goals and make flexible plans, because things will not always turn out as expected. You need to trust your inner strength and march on.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Cancer – The fool upright
Indications: Potential, new beginnings, youthful exuberance and innocence. You may develop a strong desire to set new goals. Trust your instincts while taking important decisions. Creative expression and self-awareness will improve during this month. Meditation will help you deal with your real and imaginary fears.

Lesson: Explore your potential without letting your inhibitions create obstacles in your path. Take a break from your routine at regular intervals in order to rejuvenate yourself. Success will be yours if you follow your inner voice.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Leo – Nine of Cups upright
Indications: Many of your dreams may now turn into reality. You will find yourself in a happy state as your hard-work materialises. Health shall improve and so shall your performance at work. Relationships and finances will also change for better. You are in one of the most positive phases of your life.

Lesson: Your positive spirit can deal with even the most difficult situations. Learn from your past and be wiser. Employ a realistic approach while dealing with some nagging problems, otherwise you will complicate the matters even more.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Virgo – Eight of Swords reversed
Indications: End of a difficult period. You will reflect on your decisions and analyse your present situation. You will no longer waste time in self-pity as you now accept the reality and decide to move on. You shall vow to take responsibility of actions and ensure to take careful decisions.

Lesson: Do not lose sleep over what has gone wrong. Free yourself from behaviour patterns that hold you back; look forward. You need to learn from your mistakes and not let the failures dampen your spirits. Live life with a positive mindset.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Libra – Three of pentacles upright
Indications: Fulfilment, completion of a creative venture, happiness and success. Continue to word toward your goals and you shall find success soon. If you need help, do not hesitate to consult people who you think may be able to guide you in the right direction. Teamwork and collaborations are indicated.

Lesson: Ask for feedback and listen to others when they put forth their opinions about your decisions or performance. Evaluate their feedback and make necessary changes in your plans. Do not be afraid of failures because unless you take chances you will not find success.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Scorpio – Judgement upright
Indications: A decisive month is on the cards. Reflect and evaluate your actions, and accept the consequences of your actions. You are now ready to turn a new page in life. It would be a good idea to share thoughts, anguish and future plans with other in order to get an outside perspective on various matters.

Lesson: Engage yourself in constructive activities in order to channelise your energies in the right direction. Do not be biased towards people who are not good to you. You just focus on your journey and work hard to move closer to your goals. Start afresh, if need be.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Sagittarius – Queen of cups upright

Indications: Presence of a mature female in your life. You need to relax and be confident. If you are feeling confused about which way to go in life, listen to your inner voice for clear directions. You may also discuss the important matters with the people close to you and ask for their advice.

Lesson: Your inner voice can guide you in the right direction, so do some soul searching and look within to find the much-needed answers. Be positive and know that it’s you, and only you, who can make your life better.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Capricorn – King of cups upright
Indications: You may be emotional but at the same time practical as well. Your balanced approach towards life will help you strengthen your relationships. Make sure you be disciplined and realistic, because you may have to take some important decisions. You may be a lot more compassionate and kind this month.

Lesson: There will always be people around you who try to spread negative vibes. You need to mature in your dealings with such people. Let your creativity come to the fore and look at things with a fresh perspective. Your positive approach will help you handle tough challenges successfully.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Aquarius – Seven of pentacles reversed
Indications: Time to set your priorities right. You may be putting in a lot of efforts in something that is unlikely to materialise as per your plans. Stop yourself from investing in areas that will give you no return. Save time. After all, time is money!

Lesson: Decide the fate of the relationships, projects and all those matters that consume too much of your time and energy. You need to focus on things that will enable you make your life better and take you closer to your ultimate goals.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Pisces – Page of wands reversed
Indications: Lack of motivation and indecisiveness may be the reason for you to choose the wrong path. But now when you have known the direction in which you are going, be flexible enough to change your plans and take the right path.

Lesson: Impatience and overconfidence are your biggest enemies, you need to work on your overall approach towards life. Think carefully, before taking up any projects so that you don’t have to abandon them midway; however, avoid being a pessimistic all the time.

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17 Sep 2014

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