Tarot Predictions for October 2014

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com Aries – The Sun – Upright
Indications: The Sun Card, as the name suggests, is a good, happy Card to find in a reading. Positive development, positive outcomes, sunshiny happy days, achievement, fullfilment of personal goals, gains and joys – all and more are indicated on appearance of this Card. The Sun indicates that you may be nearing a moment in future, where you will be given the potential to change your life – a big opportunity or moment of change. Your innate sense of confidence shall help you radiate a warmth, cosy energy, which will make you a joy to have around people. Your physical energy and vitality too shall be at an all time high.

Lesson: Say ‘yes’ to life! The Sun Card urges you to move on, embrace life and see the illuminated path that lies ahead of you. It’s a Card showing you the power of optimism. The message here is – you have managed to reach till here, and the path ahead shall be only better now. Things are going to get better, a lot better! This Card also shows you the value of good health and simple pleasures that life offers. Indulge and be grateful!

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Taurus – The Strength – Upright
Indications: The Card of Strength is not about the physical strength. It, in fact, indicates a quiet strength that comes from within, from the innocence of soul and an ability to tame worldly desires. Unlike the Chariot, to which the Strength is quite close in its interpretation, this (Strength) Card represents the indomitable power of the human spirit to meet any challenge and overcome any hurdle. Appearance of this in Upright implies success, will and determination – a happy time, when you will have stamina backed by zest, and drive backed by focus and perseverance.

Lesson: You may be feeling quite strong, yet this is a time to forge ahead only with composure and compassion. In a Tarot reading, the Strength shows you the way to connecting with both your inner and outer strength. It asks you to find the confidence to be strong, assertive, persevering with compassion and patience. You will need to offer love and patience, in order to tame the tendencies and people similar to the Lion in this Card. Another main lesson of this beautiful Tarot Card is that raw humane emotions and impulses need to be overcome and vanquished, if one is to attain the peaks of spirituality.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Gemini – The Ten of Cups – Upright
Indications: Be happy, for the ten flowing cups in this Card indicate happy times, good fortune, a marriage, a proposal or its mutual acceptance, fulfillment in a relationship, happiness in the realm of love and family. Stop and smell the roses! This Card is about the perfect 10! Appreciate what life has brought you, be grateful and say a huge ‘thank you’. If you are at the beginning of a new relationship, this Card spells glory and true love. In one word, this Card indicates harmony. You will have clear personal beliefs and shall be at peace with self too, around this time, says this Card.

Lesson – This beautiful Card urges you to open yourself to the bounties of life and chase your dreams and beliefs. You have the power, and now you also have the cosmos by your side, says this Card. You should also learn to listen to and trust your instincts. And, since you may have all this abundance – in terms of loving and affectionate human emotions – surrounding you, take time out to slow down and bask in the glory of it all. After all, it’s not always that we get such lovely chances.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Cancer – The Two of Swords – Upright
Indications: People are wary of Swords Cards appearing in readings. Yet, the Two of Swords is not a Card to be scared of. Yes, it shows turmoil and conflict, but it also indicates a call for balance and truce, and most importantly, an understanding of the stalemate that needs breaking/ overcoming. The Card also indicates a new beginning – not far on the horizon. You may find yourself at a crossroads, confused about making a difficult decision, yet you will not be forced to take the decision at a short notice. The Card also implies indecision or an uneventful time, with an impending decision waiting to be taken.

Lesson: The Two of Swords calls for breaking a stalemate, getting over and past a stuck situation and working to regain a happy sense of balance. When this Card appears in your reading, you may not find much happening in your life – yet, you would know, at the back of mind, that a situation or setting needs to be changed. Move on! However, be diplomatic and weigh your pros and cons carefully. You may also have to accept a situation, where there is no clear ‘winner or loser’. Accept and adapt, says this Card.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Leo – The Death – Upright
Indications: The Death Card indicates a time of sweeping changes and significant transformation. One of the most feared Card of the Tarot Deck, the Death Card also symbolises endings, beginnings, transformation, renewal of life and stuck situations, ending of an old way of life or a major phase and a vast sea of new opportunities and possibilities. Many Tarot practitioners consider this Card as one of the most positive and useful Cards appearing in a reading. You may find yourself at a phase in your life, where you will need to shove and push aside the past for good to embrace the future. This shall be a time focused at removing excesses, purging painful memories and weeding out unnecessary stuff.

Lesson: Give up the old and ring in the new! Welcome the changes, however difficult they may be, at this time, as they shall ultimately act as positive and cleansing forces in your life. You need to get rid of the unhealthy attachments and ways of life, in order to grab the new opportunities soon to come your way. You must close one door to open another, brighter one, says this Card. Do not resist the endings or changes, and you shall be fine. Time to open yourself to a more satisfying, holistic way of life – beyond outgrown, outdone, outdated situations.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Virgo – The Hanged Man – Upright
Indications: Spiritual enlightenment or the need for it, time to meditate and break out of old patterns, ultimate surrender, suspended action and a time to stop pushing and trying – the Hanged Man, like its imagery, says this and more. This Card also indicates a time of transition and self sacrifice. Given the appearance of this Card, you may even find yourself in a state of limbo, restricted, unable to take concerted action, maybe even stressed or unwell. This Card also represents martyrdom or sacrifice.

Lesson: Sometimes, it’s best to not do anything – it makes way for more attractive opportunities to emerge. Reflect, analyse and weigh your options. Take a break, if possible. Or, at least, buy some time and put off taking any major actions or decisions, as of now. Surrender to your present, and allow for an emotional release from stuck situations. Display your vulnerable side to the world, let go of control and see how it changes people’s attitude towards you. If a situation asks you to sacrifice your self-controlling tendencies, your ego, let go!

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Libra – The Queen of Pentacles – Upright
Indications: The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card is a happy Card. It represents a ‘mother like, female’ influence that is both capable and caring at once. Pentacles are a symbol representing security, stability and wealth. Thus, this Card represents a time when there would be a good amount of material stability as well as a well-oiled, well managed wordly life, where most needs are cared for. It also indicates an influence of such a nurturing, dedicated, compassionate and independent woman in an individual’s life.

Lesson: This Card indicates a need for self-dependence, rather independence, in order to achieve and maintain this balanced and financially secure status. The Queen of Pentacles represents prosperity and security. And, it teaches the person to be more giving and responsible towards others and the society. It is the time to reap and enjoy the fruits of your labour, but it is also a time, when you have to be grateful and appreciative of people and influences who helped you reach this happy, satisfying place, says Ganesha.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Scorpio – The Ten of Swords – Upright
Indications: Powerlessness, destruction, failure and backstabbing are the most usual associations of this Card. Like many Cards of the Swords deck, the Ten also indicates a turmoil, pain and negativity, yet like all other Swords Card, it also implies new beginnings on the horizon and a lurking positivity. Under the influence of this Card, many of you may feel like a ‘victim’. Endings, pain, loss, release all of which point at new beginnings, rebirth and the never dying hope and spirit – are associated with the Ten of Swords.

Lesson: However low you may be, however bleak you may feel, things are only going to get better and brighter from here – is the hidden lesson of this Card. The final ordeal is over (or about to be over), teaches this Card, so have patience and lie low for sometime. This time of inaction shall give you the ability to deeply analyse and see things as they should be – clear and fair. The Ten of Swords is also a sign that the pain and hurt you may have endured has not gone without purpose. Draw wisdom from the defeat you have experienced.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Sagittarius – The Five of Pentacles – Upright

Indications: The Five of Pentacles is not viewed as a happy Card. The Card indicates at a difficult relationship you share with money and monetary matters or a general lack of faith in your own material security net. You may not be happy with your financial situation. Your lofty hopes, plans and ambitions may have been recently dashed. The Card also points at a time of financial troubles and adversity, and also at a time when you may be planning to quit your job, or may have already lost your job.

Lesson: You have been waiting for an answer, consider it as a NO. Stop worrying over what was lost, and try to move on from where you are. Also, worrying about an abject state, poverty or loss of funds – when it may not actually happen – is going to only cause you more anxiety. So, relax. Be cautious in all your monetary dealings, and curb unnecessary expenses. If you have received a blow on your self-worth or ego recently, or if you feel alone or ignored, have a heart! This too shall paas!

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Capricorn – The Tower – Upright
Indications: The Tower Card, without doubt, indicates turmoil and destruction, but it’s often pointing at the physical sense of breaking off with an already tumultuous situation – which you may have failed to see or, worse, accept. It does imply sudden upsets, shattered illusions, revelation of hitting truths, yet it brings with it enlightening experiences that are humbling and necessary. A failure, a major move, health issues, change/loss of an old, much loved job or a way of life, a break in a friendship or relationship, depression and anger – are other major indications of this Card.

Lesson: Naturally, the Tower points at disruption of a security net that you may have taken for granted. Yet, when you see it in your reading, instead of being frightened, it’s best to come clean about the structures in your life that may already have been breaking away. Have you been planning to leave your shoddy job for good? Do that now! With destruction comes the beginning of creation. Yes, the events surrounding this Card may bring you out of your comfort zone, but it shall also take you towards truth and honesty that leads to spiritual awakening.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Aquarius – The King of Swords – Upright
Indications: Symbolic of intellectual authority and courage to accomplish your goals, the King of Swords Card demands fairness, justice, clarity of roles and a sternness that comes from knowing and believing what’s right and what’s not. The Card also represents an ability to judge, history, law, rules, regulations, best practices and a dry, detached approach to things and situations in life. The Card urges you to apply logic and fair judgement, and take well-researched, well-thought of decisions. Under the influence of this Card, you may also come in contact with a person with such qualities or may need legal help or intervention.

Lesson: The appearance of this Card tells you to either adopt such an attitude towards a particular situation/s needing logical solutions or seeking professional or legal help for a particularly troublesome issue. The person you trust for such help shall turn out to be pretty useful now. You may also benefit by getting a mentor at this time. You may also get closer to your own father or an elder in the family, if he possesses afore-said qualities, and his advice will prove to be very useful.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.com
Pisces – The Lovers – Upright
Indications: The Lovers is interpreted as a happy card, representing a strong, deep connection between two people, harmony, mutual consent, sexual contentment or desire, self-belief, clarity and a feeling of oneness with one’s belief-system. However, this Card also indicates choices or dilemmas, often in love, but also in the other realms of life, and also the fact that choosing the right path is of utmost importance or you may alter your life course forever. A blessing in disguise may also be waiting for you!

Lesson: This is the time to stay true to yourself – be genuine and honest, and make your choices very wisely. If you have been facing any major decisions – think through them, don’t shove them at the back of your cupboard any more – face them in face! And, don’t just go after the easier option. Your own value system may be challenged under the influence of this Card. It will be on you to choose the ‘right’ answer, for the other one shall be a ‘wrong’ answer – for you.

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04 Oct 2014

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