Challenges? Opportunities? What’s on the cards for you in June 2014?

June-2014 Tarot Aries – The Chariot – Upright
Indications: Negativity and criticism… But, if you handle the negative comments and setbacks with a positive mindset, you will surely come out triumphant. Be a little more tactful, and make the most of the resources at your disposal.

Tarot Lesson – You may feel confused and lost at times, but don’t let all these problems affect your confidence. You need to ensure that you don’t let your aggression affect your overall performance. Spend some time in solitude, reflect on your actions, and develop a better connection with your inner-self.

June-2014 Tarot
Taurus – The Nine of Swords – Upright
Indications: Something may greatly bother you now! It is advisable that you look at the situation from a fresh perspective, for maybe the situation may not be as bad as you think. Try to be flexible and open-minded, because it seems that you are being too harsh to yourself.

Tarot Lesson- Do not get bogged down by challenges, because they are a part and parcel of life. If you look at the brighter side and remain objective, you may be able to sort out problems more effectively. Engage yourself in activities that make you feel better about yourself.

June-2014 Tarot
Gemini – The Strength – Reversed
Indications: Weaknesses, setbacks and disappointments lie ahead – stay strong. You may have second thoughts about your plans and decision about going in a particular direction. Your inner strength may take a beating now. However, there is a strong possibility that the ground realities may not be as bad as you believe or initially feel.

Tarot Lesson: Look within to find the much-needed inspiration and willpower. Focus on the matters that actually matter, as that is the only way to utlise your energies, and find advancement in life. Do your best to overcome obstacles.

June-2014 Tarot
Cancer – The Heirophant – Upright
Indication: Lack of self-awareness! You may be following someone or a particular ideology blindly, compromising your own sense of judgment and discretion in the process. You don’t want to be judged for your actions, and are thus cowering now. If you are stuck in a situation, the appearance of this Card suggests that you take the conventional route.

Tarot Lesson – A more structured and organised approach will help you a great deal in life, especially during the month ahead. First get your things in order, set your priorities right, and then comment on how others handle their issues.

June-2014 Tarot
Leo – The High Priestess – Upright
Indications: Wisdom, knowledge, serenity and understanding. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition, for they may be trying to tell you something. Also, analyse various aspects of your life and wisely restore the balance wherever needed.

Tarot Lesson: Spend some time in solitude, meditate and try to listen to you inner voice. Know that logic and intellect may not always help you find answers. Try to know the depths of your feelings and learn how to deal with your emotions.

June-2014 Tarot
Virgo – The Ten of Pentacles – Upright
Indications: Wealth, prosperity and strong financial security. Professionally, you will find yourself in a much better position during June 2014. And the good thins is that the good times are here to stay.

Tarot Lesson: Aim for wholesome growth and give equal importance to long-term as well as short-term goals. Also, keep in mind that proper utilisation of time and energy is essential to achieve desired results. However, don’t expect things to change overnight.

June-2014 Tarot
Libra – The Five of Cups – Upright
Indications – A bumpy ride on the personal and the professional fronts. Various life situations may dampen your enthusiasm. Personal and professional relationships may also suffer, because of one or the other reason. You will, however, be able to find out the reasons behind the challenging situations.

Tarot Lesson- Success and failure are the two sides of a coin. So, don’t cry over disappointments, just do your best to lift your sagging spirits, and continue your journey unabated. Holding biased opinions against those who have not matched your expectations may spoil your relationships.

June-2014 Tarot
Scorpio – The Nine of Cups – Upright
Indications: Happiness, progress and positivity… Your health, performance at work, relationships, monetary gains – all shall improve. Enjoy the good times, and make your loved ones a part of the celebrations. You may utilise this period to enhance your skills.

Tarot Lesson: Learn from your past experiences, and handle the troubling issues, whatever they may be, with maturity. Be practical, and keep the real picture in mind, while making crucial decisions, otherwise you will complicate the matters unnecessarily.

June-2014 Tarot
Sagittarius – The Eight of Wands – Upright
Indications: A smooth sailing on the various fronts of life. Opportunities will knock on your door, and which one you embrace will decide the course of your future. Travelling, most probably a short distance trip, is foreseen.

Tarot Lesson: Avoid being reckless and impatient, and know that leaving projects mid-way may not be a good idea. Don’t hop from one task/ project to another because your desire to move at faster pace will land you in trouble. Be action-oriented

June-2014 Tarot
Capricorn – The Three of Swords – Reversed
Indications: The storm is finally over. You should now make efforts to build your life once again without letting the bitter memories affect your spirits. Besides, there will be better things to look forward to in life. Make a new beginning!

Tarot Lesson: Under no circumstances resort to self-pity, as it will bring down your confidence further. Allow yourself to feel the pain, so that you can come to terms with the situations, and gradually let go of the emotional baggage.

June-2014 Tarot
Aquarius – The King of Wands – Upright
Indications: A good omen. Open, wise, positive, courageous, adventurous masculine energy. You will now take the charge of your life and make things happen. You may have gone through a turbulent period in the recent past, and the things will now gradually be back on track.

Tarot Lesson: Strike a balance in life. Make sure that your high energy levels do not turn into arrogance and unnecessary aggresiveness. You need to know when to show restraint and when to go all guns blazing.

June-2014 Tarot
Pisces – The Four of Cups – Reversed
Indications: Material goals and success await you. You may get so busy analysing what’s wrong that you may completely overlook the good things in your life. An excellent opportunity may be on its way, be ready to grab it. Or, maybe it is already there, open your eyes, and identify it.

Tarot Lesson – Open the window, step out of the door to see how beautiful the world is. You need to explore your potential to create a better tomorrow for you. Love life may become better, if you express your feelings often enough.

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