Curious to know what’s on the cards for you during July 2014?

July-2014 Tarot Aries – King of Pentacles – Upright
Indications: Abundance, security, ambition, power, stability, discipline, trustworthiness and control. You may have achieved great things in the recent past and now you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard-work. A period of struggle is over, for now at least.

Lesson: Finacially and spiritually, you are in a much better position now. However, don’t take the good times for granted, and push your luck too far. Remember, you have put in a lot efforts to reach where you are at the moment. Don’t lose your vision, says Ganesha.

July-2014 Tarot
Taurus – Justice – Reversed
Indications: Dishonesty, malice and unwillingness to understand the obvious. You may try to blame others for the mistakes you made, but you need to take the responsibility of your actions, otherwise your selfishness will cause some serious damage to your life/ relationships/ career.

Lesson: Review your decisions, and determine if you did your best. Although, the current circumstances may be frustrating, you are advised to keep a long-term perspective, have faith in your luck and continue to work hard. Avoid being judgmental, though.

July-2014 Tarot
Gemini – Three of Cups – Upright
Indications: Positivity, emotional strength and determination. Leave your problems aside for some time, look at the bright side and have a good time! Utilise this month to relax your mind and body, so that you replenish your energies and come back stronger. Long-standing issues may finally get over.

Lesson – Keep negative thoughts at bay, for your approach will play a major role in now. Do not take your loved ones for granted. You should involved them in your life and acknowledge their importance. Don’t shy away from asking for help.

July-2014 Tarot
Cancer – Ten of Pentacles – Reversed
Indications: Instability, insecurity, failure, financial setbacks, problems with investments and lack of resources. You may have tried very hard to achieve your goals, but something or other has derailed your journey and landed you in trouble. It also indicates marital discord.

Lesson: Lay a firm foundation to your projects and undertakings because without a proper planning and execution you will not be able to achieve your goals. Pay attention to the financial front otherwise you will end up incurring huge losses.

July-2014 Tarot
Leo – Three of Wands – Upright
Indications: Development, growth, progress and movement. Confident and determined, you will take each step firmly and boldly. It is a good time to pursue higher studies, visit different cities, expand business and take up a more challenging, but lucrative job. Make a new beginning!

Lesson- Although the larger picture may be hazy, know that you are on the right track. Embrace the opportunities coming your way, and build a better future for yourself and your family. You need to explore your capabilities and see how far can you go.

July-2014 Tarot
Virgo – Eight of Wands – Reversed
Indications: Delays and disappointments. You need to be ready with alternative plans, so that you don’t end up losing exciting opportunities, when things don’t go according to Plan A. Review your performance, and make necessary changes in your plans, as and when needed.

Lesson- Believe in your strengths, but make sure that you don’t become over-ambitious. Know that comparing yourself to others will only lead to frustration. You should take up only so much that you can handle well on your own.

July-2014 Tarot
Libra – Four of Swords – Upright
Indications: Continuation of the challenging period. However, this card also suggests that you may now slow down, rest; resume your efforts once your energies are recharged. You may give yourself some time to recover from the difficult times.

Lesson: Review, re-think and re-arrange your priorities. Determine your progress on actual terms, and find out what has gone for and against you. Take corrective measures whenever needed; no point sticking to plans, which have not been working well for you.

July-2014 Tarot
Scorpio – The Hermit – Upright
Indications: A phase of introspection. You may now try to be unbiased and non-judgmental, especially about the choices other people make. Explore spiritual pursuits, slow down your pace and think deeply about your goals, values, motivations and principles.

Lesson: Listen to your inner voice, because it may be guiding you towards the right path. Learn from your experiences; try not to repeat the mistakes made in the past. Take a break from the routine, for it may help you gain a fresh perspective on various matters.

July-2014 Tarot
Sagittarius – The Empress – Upright

Indications: A deep connection with your femininity and also sensuality, fertility, beauty, creative expression, nurturing instinct and all those elements, which help create balance in men and women alike. Spend time with your loved ones, so that you can strengthen your bond, and it is a good tim, if you have been trying to conceive a child.
Lesson- You may have lost your emotional balance in your bid to achieve material goals. Now take a break and calm down. Also, take a moment from your busy schedule to appreciate what you have. You need to develop ideas that you have been thinking about – for a while now.

July-2014 Tarot
Capricorn – Page of Pentacles – Upright
Indications: New beginnings and the initial stages of a creative project/ venture. Put your plans in action and expand your horizons to make the most of your abilities. It is a good time to hone your skills, and enhance your knowledge.

Lesson: Work on your personality, for it will help you make your presence felt in this tough, competitive world. Don’t be too concerned about the certainty of results, as success can’t be guaranteed. Just have faith in your abilities, and bring your best foot forward.

July-2014 Tarot
Aquarius – The Hanged Man – Upright
Indications: Delayed decision or action, a deliberate sacrifice and a feeling of being stuck and restricted. Well, this is not always a negative sign, as you may encounter better possibilities in the future. Release your emotions, deal with them, so that you can move on.

Lesson- Engage yourself in spiritualism and channelise your energies positively in order to find emotional fulfillment. Review the areas in which you have been making too many sacrifices. Be realistic, and accept the fact that you can’t please everyone.

July-2014 Tarot
Pisces – Three of Swords – Reversed
Indications: This Card indicates a challenging period from the recent past. However, don’t cry over something that you could not control – instead look at the brighter side. You need to make conscious efforts to release the pain, and do things that make you happy.

Lesson- Highs and lows are a part and parcel of life, hence don’t waste time cursing your luck. Be positive, and you will be able to handle problems in a better manner. Keep your chin up, and move on, says Ganesha!

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