Monthly Tarot Predictions for November 2014

Tarot Predictions, Aries – The Knight of Wands – Upright
Indications: The Knight of Wands indicates high levels of energy, and consequently a lot of action taking place, during this phase. You shall be eager to implement multiple ideas, whether generated by you or the people around you. What’s more noteworthy is that you shall be ready to do so without the fear of failure or even criticism from others, indeed, even despite the jealousy of your antagonists. The Card also indicates that now many of you may also be fully prepared to actualize your dreams, even though they may seem impractical to others – at the moment.

Lesson: Charge ahead now with full self-confidence, but make sure that you have done your homework well, or else there is a danger that you may botch up things because of your impulsiveness. Also, take into consideration the consequences of your actions, especially if they are likely to hurt the sentiments of others. Be a good team-member, lead by example and help out your peers.

Tarot Predictions,
Taurus – The King of Cups – Reversed
Indications: There are too many negatives in the Reversed King of Cups card this month. You are likely to be in an extremely foul temper, and when people refuse to toe your line, you could resort to low-down tricks such as emotional blackmail to get your way. At best you can be moody, slightly depressed and may withdraw into your own shell, which is way better than trying to manipulate others. Rest assured that your real self is far more positive, and better times are bound to come.

Lesson: This card suggests that what you need to be careful about during this phase is to be fully alert and try to keep negativities at bay. Take control of yourself, meditate, and try to stay balanced. When someone says something that hurts you, make sure that you do not react impulsively, but count to 10 and respond with due consideration. Also, you need to take the responsibility for your actions.

Tarot Predictions,
Gemini – The Strength – Upright
Indications: The Strength card indicates not a raw physical power, but a serene inner confidence that overpowers even the strongest of men or women through sheer compassion. During this time you will be able to overcome any obstacle posed in your way, and you shall achieve all your goals with single-minded devotion to your work, and with a determination that can only inspire awe among your co-workers. Tolerance and forgiveness will come naturally to you.

Lesson – You need to move on from the mundane to the higher levels in life, as you have practically enjoyed every material pleasure that the world has to offer. However, to awaken the spiritual powers and intuition within you, you will have to learn to have better control over your emotions. There may also be certain irrational fears that you need to just abandon without a second thought. Meditate with determination, look deep within and you shall find the pearls of wisdom at the bottom of the ocean.

Tarot Predictions,
Cancer – The Ten of Swords – Upright
Indications: The Upright Ten of Swords indicates that you have been hit by a thunderbolt from the blue; a sudden loss, either human or material. Indicating betrayal, backstabbing and defeat, this Card suggests that at this time you may be feeling utterly helpless in doing anything about it just now. It is quite likely that you have been betrayed by a person that you trusted most, or lost a lot of money by being cheated. During the course of the month, thus, you may be feeling like a victim of circumstances. As a result of this debilitating blow, you may start wallowing in self-pity and try to play the ‘martyr’ card to gain sympathy of others. The imagery of the calm sea and the rising sun in the background of this Card points at a future, where the darkness shall soon be replaced by the light, says Ganesha. Rebirth and rejuvenation are other major positive indicators of this Card.

Lesson: By far the biggest lesson you need to learn from this Card is that even the greatest of setbacks do not mean that it is the end of the road. You have to learn to let go, pick yourself up, analyse the mistakes you made in trusting the people you trusted, or investing your money where you did, and resolve not to repeat them in the future. Also noteworthy is the universal assurance that it is the darkest before bay-break, and that you need to have faith that things will get better soon. Most importantly, the Card says that you have the power to avert the danger, and hopelessness is not an option. Let go and accept – rely on the positive power within your self to draw wisdom and peace.

Tarot Predictions,
Leo – The Four of Cups – Reversed
Indications: The Four of Cups Tarot Card indicates that if you are looking out for another job or change, the chances of coming across one are quite high now. However, it also suggests that unless you remain extremely alert, the opportunity may pass you by without your noticing it. You could be too preoccupied with your routine chores to take advantage, feels Ganesha. In relationships, you may find it very difficult to confide your true feelings to your beloved at this time, possibly because you may not find the privacy to do so.

Lesson: The greatest takeaway from this Card is that you need to break free from the monotony of your work, look around yourself, try to accomplish your tasks in different ways, approach your problems from new angles to find new solutions, and grab any opportunities that come your way. You may have lost touch with some old friends, so the time is now just ripe to rekindle the relationships, both for emotional and material gains.

Tarot Predictions,
Virgo – The Six of Cups – Upright
Indications: This card has nostalgia written all over it. The Six of Cups indicates in a reading that you may be too preoccupied with thinking about past events, often way back to your childhood. It is possible that you may not be feeling too happy with your current set of circumstances, and are therefore looking back at the happy times that you have enjoyed as a child, adolescent or an adult. If taken to the extreme, though, it would definitely indicate an escapist attitude.

Lesson: What you need to learn from this card is that while it is alright to feel nostalgic at times if it makes you feel good and positive, you must not keep wallowing in past events, as it prevents you from enjoying the NOW to the fullest. By all means seek inspiration from the courageous manner in which you have overcome problems in the past, so that you can apply similar strategies to overcome problems in the present, but you must desist from dwelling too much in your history.

Tarot Predictions,
Libra – The Seven of Cups – Upright
Indications: The Cups suit in Tarot relates to the emotional plane, while the number Seven expresses desires, wishes, dreams, temptations. Together the two, in the Seven of Cups Card manifest wishful thinking, dreams of a better future and even illusions and ‘castles in the air’. The Card indicates that at this time you may have a plenty of options, and may be hoping to choose the best one. It will be important to also remain realistic and grounded in your overall approach, if you really are to achieve something concrete, though, says Ganesha. Separate real from illusion, sort out the possibilities, basis their practical pros and cons and get past the haze of confusion and disorganization.

Lesson: Many term the Seven of Cups as the wish Card, as each of the Cups depicted herein is supposed to hold some wishes. But, here lies the need for caution – not all that we desire and wish for is positive. So, be careful of what you desire now, as you may have to pay a heavy price for it, especially if it is far from practicality. Temptations are a common indicator of this Card, and when you are lured by primal, unhindered temptations, chances of you getting led astray are higher. Narrow your focus; do not try to do everything. If something seems too good to be true, it may really be too good to be true, hints Ganesha. Open your eyes and stay grounded.

Tarot Predictions,
Scorpio – The Two of Swords – Upright
Indications: Centred around the mind and intellect, the suit of Swords in a Tarot deck is associated with the mental plane, while 2 reflects balance, one-to-one partnerships and patience. The image of a blindfolded woman sitting put with two swords pointing in different directions in this Card shows confusion and lack of clarity. Nonetheless the woman’s strong posture and arms indicate a steady state of logic and stability. The colour white and the crossed arms depict truce or solution, while the crescent moon in the backdrop points at the new beginnings. You may find yourself at a stage now, wherein you would know that a choice has to be made – but, you may try to avoid making it. You may also lack information required to take this difficult decision. The Two of Swords also often represents a stalemate where there is no winner or loser.

Lesson: Get rid of the blindfold, urges the Tarot. There will be a state of indecision, but with an impending decision waiting to be taken. Research and analyse your options and possible solutions. Stay true to your self. The Two of Swords also calls for breaking a stalemate, getting over and past a stuck situation, working to regain a happy sense of balance. When this Card appears in your reading, you may not find much happening in your life – yet, you would know, at the back of mind, that a situation or setting needs to be changed. Move on! Also, closing your eyes to a difficult situation now is not going to change your state much – so be courageous and pick a prudent choice.

Tarot Predictions,
Sagittarius – The Nine of Pentacles – Reversed
Indications: The Pentacles Cards are associated with finances and monetary matters. The 9 of Pentacles upright is a happy card that signifies material abundance, confidence, a general sense of peace and personal fulfillment. Since this is such a positive card, getting it in a reversed position indicates an opposite face of these happy indications. In this state, 9 of Pentacles implies financial setbacks, losses, instability and shoddy foundations. The Card also tells about over-investment in any one aspect of your life, especially material and work – at the cost of the other. So, in general, it tells you of the loss of the all important equilibrium among all aspects of your life. You may have been sacrificing your personal and family time to attain and maintain wealth and success. Also, at this time, you may not be able to enjoy the usual luxuries of your life so much. Either the depleted resources or your mental state may not let you enjoy and partake these wealth benefits, feels Ganesha.

Lesson: Assess and analyse your current situation. Reflect! You need to put back the balance in your life. If you had been over-investing in your work at the cost of your personal relationships, take a step back, and if required, don’t hesitate to take a different route. You may also plan to reduce your working hours for sometime. In general, if you have experienced a loss or are feeling unrest, try to get to a natural setting that truly relaxes you and brings you the desired perspective. Getting back to your roots – your home or your regular, tested way of life and work – may be the answer to your turmoil. Learn from your mistakes, and work to build a more solid foundation.

Tarot Predictions,
Capricorn – The Five of Swords – Reversed
Indications: The Card of Five of Swords represents disagreements, conflict and hostility. Since Swords Cards are typically associated with mental plane and logic, this may simply be a battle of wits, wherein you may be thinking that you have won the war, but may not be really feeling good about it all. There may be hurt, betrayal and loss of trust involved, feels Ganesha. In its upright state, the Card also represents a conquest or ambition in its negative manifestation. And, when this Card appears reversed, as it does for your Sign this month, it indicates a time when you may be feeling tired with all the conflict. Forgiving and forgetting may be on your agenda too. Your openness to change may propel you towards fresh negotiations, adaptation and resolution. The reversed Card also implies a trying, bottled down situation in your life, which you may now feel ready to resolve, once and for all.

Lesson: If an old wound has been opened, do not fear. Aim to remain neutral or at best, forgiving. Move on! You may be feeling resentment about something, and it would be best to talk it out now – but patiently and calmly. Also, if you have been trying too hard to please everyone around you – with not great results – stop! Stop trying, disregard what you feel is not right for you and stop fighting for a lost cause. If you still feel something needs to be done about a conflicting situation, say ‘sorry’ but accept that beyond a point you can’t change or control others or situations, advises Ganesha.

Tarot Predictions,
Aquarius – The Page of Wands – Upright
Indications: The Page of Wands in an upright position is a happy, positive appearance in Tarot. The Card indicates an inherent confidence and openness to healthy transformation. The Card represents a free spirited attitude, much like the Tarot’s the Fool, yet in a more controlled, focused and passionate manner. You may be experiencing creative restlessness at this time, owing to an excess of creative thoughts and myriad ideas crowding your mind. You may even soon reach a point of creative discovery, adds Ganesha. However, in your state of abandon and enthusiasm, you run the danger of acting impulsively. You may just be rushing towards an idea, without a proper plan in place, cautions Ganesha. The Page is also an implication of a messenger, and this one may bring you some inspiring news or a pleasant surprise, largely about your work plane. Someone new may also enter your life at this time – who may be responsible for bringing a change. Overall, it may also be a time when you shall be enjoying your work and projects.

Lesson: Be ready to change and adapt, as this will give you great results and immense happiness. However, be measured and don’t end up being a hasty, unmeasured fool. Weigh your options, before you take a major detour or change. Change and creation shall be the theme of the month, and take advantage of this. Express yourself freely, but not harshly or callously. Follow your creative urges, and make a special attempt to listen to your mind and instincts. Perseverance, persistence and balance shall hold you in a good stead in all you attempt now – creative the better!

Tarot Predictions,
Pisces – The Hanged Man – Reversed
Indications: Spiritual enlightenment or the need for it, time to meditate and break out of old patterns, a crossroads, ultimate surrender, suspended action and a time to stop pushing and trying – the Hanged Man Card, like its imagery, says this and more. This Card also points at a time of transition, martyrdom and self sacrifice. In its reversed position, it indicates a time to take a choice between two opposing directions in your life. You may be feeling disillusioned and unhappy, unable to truly move forward. There may be a general loss of faith and enthusiasm, which may make you rigid, unwilling, uncooperative and inflexible. You may feel that you have already done a lot for others, and thus may be acting absolutely harsh and close-fisted, not ready to sacrifice any more. Alternatively, it is likely that you have been putting off taking a decision – a strategy that may no longer help you.

Lesson: Relax and try going with the flow for a while. Stop feeling worked up for a situation that isn’t in your hands. Work to restore your lost faith. And, if you have been feeling cheated or shortchanged lately, speak up and resolve the issue, rather than bottling it all up. Get in touch with your spiritual side to get the necessary spiritual nourishment, which shall rejuvenate you. If a difficult decision has been pending, don’t delay taking it any more. And, if this is about a relationship going awry, do make it a point to resolve the matter – but, don’t push it too much this month. And, if things seem to have reached a standstill, rather than feeling angry or frustrated, treat this period of suspension as a catalyst for better times ahead.

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