December 2014 – What Do Your Tarot Cards Say For The Month Ahead?

Tarot Predictions, Aries – The Seven of Wands – Upright
Indications: Whenever we get quick and early success on something, we tend to get smug and complacent. Appearance of the Seven of Wands shakes us out of this complacency, because it augurs struggles and hurdles, despite a successful initiation. Appearance of this Card indicates that this may be a time to defend your quarters, projects and, maybe, some of your decisions, which may now be open to scrutiny of others. It also indicates open competition, confrontation of some sort, a challenge, wherein you may be fighting to maintain your superiority or rightful place. The Card may point at a career situation, a venture, a person/ group, which may act as an obstacle. You may look at others for support, and may find yourself reeling under pressure. This Card also appears in a reading, when the subject is about to take part in a competitive sport, an examination, a debate or an elocution contest or paper presentation. So, don’t worry, as quite possibly this Card is simply telling you to keep up your fighting spirit, when you take part in such activities.

Lesson: You are new at a place. Rightfully, you need to test the waters and set your boundaries. So, don’t go trusting people and situations blindly, before you are sure. Be alert and mindful of jealous people around you. If there is negativity floating around, strengthen your core and mind, and don’t let it affect you at any cost, as this is not the time to get down and under. You have to stay at your peak performance, and defend your rightful place, says Ganesha. Don’t hesitate in drawing support from the ones whom you love and trust – your family and friends. And, do open up about your doubts and feelings – someone out there may have just the solution, you may have been looking for.

Tarot Predictions,
Taurus – The Queen of Swords – Upright
Indications: Your head rules your heart at this time, indicates the Queen of Swords. Well, add this to the fact that you are an Earth Sign – practical, mature, frugal and modest. And, the resulting person shall be an intelligent, detached and logical conservative, bent on following a certain path, which you deem right at the moment. The Queen of Swords Card also points at an approach that you may need to keep or end up keeping this month towards a certain situation, person or the life, in general. This Queen is driven by rationale and intellect, and is independent, decisive and discerning. Nonetheless, note that this is a Queen Card, hence a feminine influence is indicated. So, at this time, you may be required to adopt a firm yet understanding and compassionate approach. At this time, you or someone who has a huge influence on you shall be representing this quick witted, perceptive Queen. And, this person (or you), at this time, shall not hesitate in calling a spade a spade!

Lesson: If you find yourself in such a situation that requires you to collect all your intellectual capacity and maturity, and take an intelligent stand on an issue – do so fairly and unbiasedly. Remain upfront and honest in all you do, and if someone looks up to you for advice or suggestions, help them with your clear and logical reasoning. Don’t be driven only by emotions and sympathy. While taking any decision, give priority to your head over your heart, for now, says Ganesha. And, if a close one is compelled to be a little firm with you – don’t keep grudges. Understand their perspective.

Tarot Predictions,
Gemini – Temperance – Reversed
Indications: ‘Temperate’ refers to a climate zone that occurs between the hot tropics and the extreme polar zone. On the same lines, the Temperance Card, in a word, represents ‘balance’ – mild, pleasantly moderate and likeable. The water produced by mixing the hot and cold water by the white-clad angel in the Card’s imagery is probably tepid. And, that is the message this Card gives out – mixing of the conscious with the sub-conscious. However, when this Card appears reversed in a reading, as it does now, it indicates a time of extremes or conflict, a general lack of harmony, imbalance, hypocrisy, inequality, wrong judgment and, maybe, frustration and lack of clarity.

Lesson – The reversed position of this Card may indicate that a path that you are about to choose for yourself to tread on is not right. Be careful and steer clear of conflicts or situations, which pressurize you to take hasty action. Think through, and strive for balance. If you have been closed about something, don’t bottle up any more – clarify and come out clean. It is most important to regain inner balance, and at such times, it should be your top priority to listen to your ‘inner self’ – clearly, fairly, honestly and for universal good. Learn from your mistakes. If someone criticises you, try to reason it – possibly, this has a positive side. And, if someone/ something is weighing you down, leave that aside and move on. This time may also imply a need for change – if inaction has been your way of life, go, get moving. And, if you have been running around crazily, slow down to smell the roses.

Tarot Predictions,
Cancer – The Two of Wands – Upright
Indications: The Two of Wands appearing in a Tarot reading indicates a time for putting your plans in perspective, progressing and moving ahead – on an idea that you may have already conceptualized and (seed) tested or on a path that you may have been thinking about for long. This Card points at a time full of insights, strategies, reflections, preparation, control, advancement and incubation of ideas. Much like the other ‘Two’ Cards in a deck, this Card marks a time of making a ‘choice’. And, it may be quite a difficult choice to make – what with two ways, each more alluring than the other, beckoning you with zest. You may be quite ambitious and driven at this time, fuelled with a spark of inspiration, raring to go all out to make an all important discovery.

Lesson: Whatever you do now shall have a long-term implication. You know, most probably, already know that, and hence don’t hesitate and lose an opportunity to make a choice now. Nonetheless, thing long-term, by all means. Courage and insight should be your buzzwords, while patience and focus shall hold you in a good stead. This may also be a time to take a risk – well, go on, especially if you have thought things through already. Remember, in many ways, the Two of Wands beckons you to move away from your comfort zone and explore a new territory!

Tarot Predictions,
Leo – The Five of Swords – Upright
Indications: The Card of Five of Swords represents disagreements, conflict and hostility. Since Swords Cards are typically associated with mental plane and logic, this may simply be a battle of wits, wherein you may be thinking that you have won the war, but may not be really feeling good about it all. There may be hurt, betrayal and loss of trust involved, feels Ganesha. In its upright state, the Card also represents a conquest or ambition (though, largely in its negative manifestation). Thus, this Card may see you being in disagreement with someone or some situation, and generally being aggressive, grumpy, angry, unhappy. You may feel lost in the world, thinking and feeling (most of the times, wrongly) that the whole world’s against you. There also is a chance that nothing of the sort may manifest. But, you may simply keep running ruthlessly behind your ambition, or may act boastful and arrogant.

Lesson: Be careful of betrayal or a ‘back-stabbing’ situation. Don’t go on boasting or telling about your internal matters to everyone. You may also have to take a side – choose whether continuing the battle is important or the relationship/ bond / situation. Find out, if this battle (of swords or wits) is well worth your effort and your emotional/ mental investment. You may feel lost or may feel that the world has turned against you/ Don’t lose heart! Instead look inside your self – maybe it’s you who’s pushing away the others!

Tarot Predictions,
Virgo – The Hanged man – Reversed
Indications: Spiritual enlightenment or the need for it, time to meditate and break out of old patterns, a crossroads, ultimate surrender, suspended action and a time to stop pushing and trying – the Hanged Man Card, like its imagery, says this and more. This Card also points at a time of transition, martyrdom and self sacrifice. In its reversed position, it indicates a time to take a choice between two opposing directions in your life. You may be feeling disillusioned and unhappy, unable to truly move forward. There may be a general loss of faith and enthusiasm, which may make you rigid, unwilling, uncooperative and inflexible. You may feel that you have already done a lot for others, and thus may be acting absolutely harsh and close-fisted, not ready to sacrifice any more. Alternatively, it is likely that you have been putting off taking a decision – a strategy that may no longer help you.

Lesson: Relax and try going with the flow for a while. Stop feeling worked up for a situation that isn’t in your hands. Work to restore your lost faith. And, if you have been feeling cheated or shortchanged lately, speak up and resolve the issue, rather than bottling it all up. Get in touch with your spiritual side to get the necessary spiritual nourishment, which shall rejuvenate you. If a difficult decision has been pending, don’t delay taking it any more. And, if this is about a relationship going awry, do make it a point to resolve the matter – but, don’t push it too much this month. And, if things seem to have reached a standstill, rather than feeling angry or frustrated, treat this period of suspension as a catalyst for better times ahead.

Tarot Predictions,
Libra – The Star – Reversed
Indications: In its upright manifestation, the Star is a Card of hope, promise and wish fulfillment; it is the Card that indicates strength, love and acceptance of self, fertility, optimism and inspiration. However, it appears Reversed in this reading, and thus represents an antithesis of all the positive things the Star depicts. Here, you may be a little out of touch from the reality, maybe stuck in the past, feeling pessimistic, unhappy or hapless. Suffering from low self esteem and lack of faith, you probably may feel directionless, negative and low on courage. You may also have recently begun to feel disengaged from a plenty of things you are pursuing – a career, hobbies, a person. Challenges, setbacks and a need for reassurance are also indicated here.

Lesson: First and foremost, relax! It’s not the end of the world. If you harp on the lost and past, and remain in your current negative or listless state, there isn’t much that can be achieved. If there have been setbacks, try seeing them from a different perspective, and see what you have gained in the process. Don’t lose faith, especially if someone or a situation has betrayed you. This Card’s reversal also implies that you need to re-trust your self, the Universe and the energy within you. The Star’s appearance also connects with work and career situations, and a reversed Star may manifest a time in your career that requires a firm decision, maybe a major change.

Tarot Predictions,
Scorpio – The Lovers – Upright
Indications: The Lovers is interpreted as a happy card, representing a strong, deep connection between two people, harmony, mutual consent, sexual contentment or desire, self-belief, clarity and a feeling of oneness with one’s belief-system. However, this Card also indicates choices or dilemmas, often in love, but also in the other realms of life, and also the fact that choosing the right path is of utmost importance or you may alter your life course forever. A blessing in disguise may also be waiting for you!

Lesson: This is the time to stay true to yourself – be genuine and honest, and make your choices very wisely. If you have been facing any major decisions – think through them, don’t shove them at the back of your cupboard any more – face them in face! And, don’t just go after the easier option. Your own value system may be challenged under the influence of this Card. It will be on you to choose the ‘right’ answer, for the other one shall be a ‘wrong’ answer – for you.

Tarot Predictions,
Sagittarius – The Queen of Pentacles – Upright
Indications: The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card is a happy Card. It represents a ‘mother like, female’ influence that is both capable and caring at once. Pentacles are a symbol representing security, stability and wealth. Thus, this Card represents a time when there would be a good amount of material stability as well as a well-oiled, well managed worldly life, where most needs are cared for. It also indicates an influence of such a nurturing, dedicated, compassionate and independent woman in an individual’s life.

Lesson: This Card indicates a need for self-dependence, rather independence, in order to achieve and maintain this balanced and financially secure status. The Queen of Pentacles represents prosperity and security. And, it teaches the person to be more giving and responsible towards others and the society. It is the time to reap and enjoy the fruits of your labour, but it is also a time, when you have to be grateful and appreciative of people and influences who helped you reach this happy, satisfying place, says Ganesha.

Tarot Predictions,
Capricorn – The King of Swords – Reversed
Indications: Symbolic of intellectual authority and courage to accomplish your goals, the King of Swords Card demands fairness, justice, clarity of roles and a sternness that comes from knowing and believing what’s right and what’s not. The Card in its Upright position represents an ability to judge, take command and apply logic. However, in its Reversed position, as it appears for you now – it indicates all things opposite. In one word, this Card represents misuse of power – mental and logical ability. It may be you doing so, or some elder (most likely) male person, who has a fair control on you. This Reversed Card also points at lack of decisiveness, selfish manipulation, aggressive control or tyrannical demands. The issue lies in the fact that, all this may not happen very obviously. The person doing this may do it all pretty charmingly – at least initially.

Lesson: And, you will need to be wary of this, points Ganesha. Yes, there is a very big lesson in the King of Swords appearing Reversed in a reading. Say ‘No’ to manipulation, if it is coming from someone else, however close that person may be. His (or her) personal interests shall feature the foremost on his agenda, and you will have little to gain. If you find yourself in such a state of mind or being – slow down, look within, ask yourself – ‘why are you being like this?’; ‘why are you wielding your sword power so indiscreetly?’. On the other hand, if you are the victim – make up your mind, and get out of this situation. At this time, you may also be lacking the requisite mental clarity for taking certain decisions. Buy time, and let this phase pass, says Ganesha.

Tarot Predictions,
Aquarius – The Knight of Cups – Upright
Indications: As the other Cups Cards, this one too signifies emotions, feelings and intangible aspects. Appearance of the Knight makes this a Court Card. The defenders and messengers of the Court, the action-oriented Knights indicate a sense of urgency, a sudden burst of energy in a specific area of your life. Unlike other Knights, however, the Knight of Cups indicates a slower momentum, a focused yet not fervent movement. This Card in its Upright position is a happy Card, and implies intuition, feminine power, creative expression, warmth, romance, seduction and a poetic view of life. As with all other Royal Arcana (Court) Cards, the Knight of Cup talks about either you, an event or a person in your life. This Knight urges you to give shape and realism to your dreams, imagination and inspiration.

Lesson: Keep moving ahead. The Knight may come with an open invitation for you to embark on a journey of fulfillment and emotional expression. Take it up, if it appeals to you. However, do take a decision, basis your intuition as well as rationale. Don’t let your heart rule your heart, beyond a point. Nonetheless, listen to your inner self first. You will be happy to get the news the messenger (the Knight) brings you now – but, turning into something more fruitful and worthwhile shall be in your hands alone. This Card also urges you to start or execute a pet project that you may have only been thinking about till now – and, this also applies to a hobby or fascination. Your pace on this new endeavour, however, need not be cracking from the very beginning. Start at a moderate pace, but do start!

Tarot Predictions,
Pisces – The Ace of Cups – Upright
Indications: The Ace of Cups Card in an Upright position signals good times ahead. The Card is an indicator of compassion, joys, fulfillment, spiritual stability, love and happiness. This may also be a time, when a new relationship begins, or a new addition to the family takes place. If marriage has been on your agenda, the presence of this Card signifies positive circumstances and concrete, happy responses – and so goes for conception, fertility and child bearing. The life and the Universe, at this time, offer you a Cup brimming with emotional and spiritual fulfillment. And, it shall be on you whether you accept this gift or not. There is a lot hidden in this Card that relates to your personal, creative expression – and, possibly, an indication that the time is ripe for exercising the same.

Lesson: The love or the offer of love the Ace of Cup brings is not always the romantic kind. And, this may not last forever – it is transcendent – a passing offer, which you will have to be prepared to reach out and take up. Be generous, compassionate and giving. Give back to the Universe, what you receive, and it shall come back trebled. Keep yourself open – open yourself to the positive energy around you. On the career front, this Card is a significator of a new, long cherished project, which may now see the light of the day, bringing you great joy.

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02 Dec 2014

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