Curious to know what’s on the cards for you during August 2014?

August-2014 Tarot Aries – King of Cups – Reversed
Indications: Emotional issues may become profound during this month. One of the two extremes are likely – 1. You may become manipulative and use emotional blackmailing to get things done as per your wish, or 2. You will rely too much on others to feel confident about your actions. Both can be equally toxic for you.

Lesson: The most important thing for you now is to see yourself and others in the right light. Love the people around you, your friends and family but make sure you don’t lose yourself. If you depend too much on others, you may become emotionally weak. Take responsibility of your actions and be practical while taking any kind of decision.

August-2014 Tarot
Taurus – King of Wands – Upright
Indications: A positive period is in offing. You will now take initiative and use your energies as well as resources correctly. The appearance of this card in your reading indicates the rough patch is now over and things will not be fine, gradually. Do not expect overnight changes.

Lesson: It is all about how you use your energies. Waste your time and resources and you shall regret your irresponsible behaviour. You need to believe in yourself and understand the fact that your confidence is your biggest strength. Avoid being unnecessarily aggressive.

August-2014 Tarot
Gemini – Knight of Pentacles – Reversed
Indications: A repetitive pattern. Boredom and monotony may get to your nerves making you crave for something interesting. But at the same time, you may be in no mood to take the initiative and change. You are so stuck in the routine that you are just going with the flow without thinking much.

Lesson – Look at your life closely and ask yourself – “Am I isolating myself from others?” if the answer is yes, you need to change your approach as soon as possible. Be open to new experiences and try to build your life better. If you don’t change your approach, you will soon feel frustrated and disappointed.

August-2014 Tarot
Cancer – Hanged Man – Upright
Indications: A period of confusion and indecision! You may be in a situation right now where you are supposed to make an important decision. The upright Hanged Man suggests that you should give yourself some more time to reflect. So, if possible, postpone the actions/ decisions that you are expected to implement in the near future. Buy yourself some time.

Lesson: Look at yourself, your life from a completely different perspective before you take any important step. Find out if you are sacrificing too much others, maybe losing peace of mind for people who don’t care much about your sacrifices. Be practical, and take corrective steps.

August-2014 Tarot
Leo – Queen of Swords – Reversed
Indications: You are letting your heart rule your heart. Relationships and emotions are consuming too much of your energy reserves, so be practical and have a clear perspective. You need to refocus and see where you are heading. It is all still manageable now and you can make few alterations in your plans. It’s not too late! Hurry!

Lesson: If you are being bitter, resentful or bitchy, be prepared to lose your support base. Do not try your loved ones’ patience. Be confident and polite in order to safeguard your priceless relationships. Also, evaluate your plan and determine what should be done next.

August-2014 Tarot
Virgo – Queen of Pentacles – Reversed
Indications: Work, work and some more work! You shall now be too focused on your goals – maybe because you are worried about your financial security. Are you putting too much pressure on yourself? If the answer is yes, you need to rework on your priorities, and strike a work life balance. Do not isolate yourself from others.

Lesson: You want to play the role of a provider to perfection. You are spending too much time and energy on looking after others, and therefore may be neglecting your personal life. Let others take on some of responsibilities that you have been carrying for a while now. Be in touch with your friends.

August-2014 Tarot
Libra – Wheel of Fortune – Upright
Indications: Something good is about to happen in your life. A highly symbolic card, the Wheel of Fortune suggests stability amidst change and movement. However, you need to be realistic. Understand that nothing is permanent, so be strong, and do not let the circumstances dampen your enthusiasm. Try to go with the flow.

Lesson: First of all, understand the fact that you can’t be in control of every situation all the time. Be flexible, especially now as some major changes are in store for you. The changes may not be as per your expectations, but it is advisable that you find something meaningful in them, and remain positive.

August-2014 Tarot
Scorpio – Knight of Swords – Upright
Indications: A tough period! Challenges may surround you now, but the good thing is that you will take them head on, trying to do your best. You need to harness your energies at all costs; otherwise your passion and aggression will prove harmful for you. Act responsibly, under all circumstances. Also, don’t put your priorities on the sideline.

Lesson: Develop some compassion, and be kind enough to understand the needs and desires of your near and dear ones. Also, work on your communication skills, so that you can put forth your views nicely. Remember, a man is known by the company he keeps. Be around people who are smarter and wiser that you.

August-2014 Tarot
Sagittarius – Page of Cups – Upright

Indications: A burst of creative energy for you is foreseen. Do not ignore what your inner-self is trying to tell you, the Page of Cups suggests. Something positive, especially in your personal life, is about to happen; you are also likely to receive some good news. Express yourself freely, and be open to new experiences, as this month could bring a turning point in your life.

Lesson: Look at difficult issues from a different perspective, if you have still not found any solutions. Do not be afraid to see dreams, for they will give you the much-needed inspiration to make your life better. Work hard to turn those dreams into reality. All the best!

August-2014 Tarot
Capricorn – Knight of Cups – Reversed
Indications: You may yourself be making yourself weak, by being blindly guided by your emotions. If you are stuck in a situation, be practical and not emotional – to find out a solution. What you are seeing now may be something very appealing and interesting, but in reality it may actually be completely different. Take off your tinted glasses, if you want to see the real picture.

Lesson: You wish to move forward in life, and are also taking some steps forward. But, look again; you are perhaps moving forward in a wrong direction. Do not take emotionally driven decisions, for they will serve no purpose. Thus, consider all the facts before taking any decision, especially the important ones.

August-2014 Tarot
Aquarius – Three of Swords – Reversed
Indications: The dark clouds of sadness and pain are finally lifting – for good. Now take stock of the damage done and plan how you will rebuild your life. The loss and grief may challenge your confidence, but hang in there. Learn your lessons, and try to start afresh. Have faith in the Almighty!

Lesson: Self-pity is a man’s worst enemy. It is okay, if you have had a setback. It is okay, if you failed miserably in your plans. You can’t change what has happened, so why waste time? Let go of the emotional baggage and make a new beginning.

August-2014 Tarot
Pisces – Eight of Cups – Reversed
Indications: Confusions and inability to weigh options correctly. You may want to explore the world, and try out different things, but at the same time, you would not want to move out of your comfort zone. There may be some fundamental issues yet to be resolved. But, now you will realise that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to find solutions.

Lesson: Move on! You fear that certain decisions of yours will change your life forever, and hence have been holding back. Look at it all from a different angle! It shall be a wise step to take those decisions, when your current situation has been showing no signs of improvement.

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