7 Reasons Sun Signs Are Your Best Friends…

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1. SunSigns are easy to interpret and classify. If you know your complete birth date (or someone else’s-for that matter)—you can say what your (or the person’s) Sun Sign is. Easy-peasy!
[Sun Signs are assigned basis the Sun’s position in the Zodiac {as per the Western system of Astrology} at the time of one’s birth. This is an over simplified way of predicting using Astrology, but it works well, on a general level, especially when classifying, basis various traits and characteristics of Sun Signs.]

2. Once you know the Sun Sign, it’s even easier to look for the potential qualities—good as well as the bad ones, quirks, characteristics, traits, likes and dislikes of a person – who could be anyone – your sibling, parent, friend, acquaintance, work-mate or anyone else.
[Okay, the insights may not always be 100% true, but they are very very close—even the biggest skeptics would agree—and there are Astrological reasons, not so simple, as to why sometimes there are little disparities.]


3. So naturally, with a little help from the Sun Sign wisdom you can have a near perfect idea of what a person might be like—in terms of thoughts, personality, behaviour or likes/ dislikes etc. Gives you a good leeway into one’s inner-sanctum, so you can be better prepared to deal with them—if they are your teacher, colleague, boss or whatever. Or, to impress them, if they happen to be your crush, love etc. etc.

4. Sun Signs make for great conversation starters. Nearly half of the world that knows about the Sun Signs believes in them, or can’t help, but believe in them—yes, yes, there’s a difference between the two, but we will go to understand that in a separate piece sometime later. As of now, focus! So, Sun Signs are, kind of, universal, and that is why, you will realise that people tend to bond over them—even the male species, who may initially pretend they are not interested 😉 But, who doesn’t like a little peep into their crush’s personality?


5. Sun Signs can help you make right decisions – on some accounts. Okay, Sun Signs are not the be and all of Astrology – certainly not, but they are quite helpful, when pin pointing people’s likes, choices, abilities, strengths, weaknesses and more. So, besides doing your own (or an important person’s) SWOT analysis, you can also take Sun Sign insights and clues to decide on the best courses of study for you or the best vocation for you or even your best love match by compatibility.

6. Sun Signs can give you a good idea about your future – The Sun Sign Predictions-are the most important aspect of Sun Signs Astrology, and many-many-many people follow these predictions like clock-work. Yes, they give you only a general picture, because c’mon they pertain to such a large population, but their implications can’t be really specific to each person’s life or situation – yet, these predictions can be so spookily accurate about the bigger picture sometimes that it hurts. So, no one is asking you to be superstitious about these predictions, but you can always use them to be ready to pounce on the opportunities as soon as they arise or be ready to take precautions and detours around the tough roadblocks.


7. Sun Signs can give you clear ideas about your birthstone, lucky days, lucky charms, lucky colours and even the deity (planet) you can worship—to make your life sorted, better, happier and more. Remedial Solutions is an important corollary of Astrology meant to help us understand that although what destiny and cosmos has in store for us is, more or less, unchangeable, we can always mitigate or decrease the ill-effects or negative influences by invoking, harnessing, tapping and augmenting the positive cosmic energies. And, when you do that as per your Sun Sign—you are simply doing it in a more directed, more focused manner.


08 Apr 2015

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