The Signifier of Communication – Mercury is a powerful planet.


Mercury or Budha is at an average distance of 36 million kilometers from the Sun. At the Apogee, the distance is about 43 million miles and at the perigee it is about 29 million miles from the Sun. It revolves round the Sun in 88 days. Its diameter is nearly 3,200 miles. As the size of Mercury is very small and its mass is very little its gravitational pull is naturally very weak.

There is no atmosphere around it since it is very close to the Sun. Further, one half of Mercury is very hot and the temperature would be around 360 degrees centigrade; the other half is very cold, much cooler than our arctic region during severe winter. The time of rotation and revolution is the same therefore, only one part of Mercury will face the Sun and other part will always remain dark with temperatures below freezing point.


Mercury was born out of association of Moon and Tara the wife of Brihaspati, the Deva Guru. The story is that Moon abducted Tara and took refuse in the Ashram of Shukracharya – the guru of Asuras. After all the gods appealed for the better judgement to Moon he understood his mistake. A remorseful moon returned Tara to Brihaspati. Tara was carrying Moon’s child. The child was duly delivered. The child was very beautiful. Tara had disclosed the paternity to Brihaspati who in a Brahmanical forgiving gesture accepted the inevitable.

In Greek Mythology Mercury is considered to be the son of Jupiter and Maia, the daughter of Atlas. He is said to be a friend of Apollo, maybe since it is closest to the Sun.

Astrological Significance:

Some important signification of Mercury as per Uttara Kalamrita are:

a) Education b) Treasury c) Mathematics d) Knowledge e) Speech f) Infantry g) writing h) Green color i) astrology and astronomy j) Commerce k) Eunuch l) Skin m) Worship of Vishnu n) Atharva Vedas o) Fond of north – west direction p) Well versed in Puranas or major epic q) Grammar r) Maternal uncle s) Yantras t) Very powerful Tantrik u) Self control v) Devotion w) Navel x) Child y) Humility z) strong at sunrise.

It is generally seen if Mercury is strong a good result pertaining to the above-mentioned significations will be noticed and vice versa if Mercury is weak.

Other Astrological Considerations:

Mercury rules over Mithuna and Kanya Rashis. It is deeply exalted at 15 degree Virgo and deeply debilitated at 15 degree Pisces. Its Mooltrikona sign is Kanya. It is the only planet finding exaltation in it’s own sign. (Kanya Rashi is ruled by Budha, all other planets are exalted in signs ruled by someone else – meaning the other planet but Budha is exalted in it’s own sign Kanya).

Mercury is the significator of speech. In the planetary cabinet it is considered as an heir apparent. Its complexion is akin to that of grass. The presiding deity being Vishnu and it is neuter (it is impotent or neutral) in gender. It represents Earth as an element of Panchbhootas (five elements). It represents Vaishya Varna or Commercial Community. It has the predominance of Rajsik Gunas.

Mercury possesses an attractive physique and the ability to make pun or to speak words having double meaning, sense of humour. He has the blend of all three humours of Bile, Phlegm and wind. It represents the skin. It can be found in playground. It represents one Ritu (Season) (It is of about 2 month’s duration). It represents mixed taste. It is powerful in the eastern direction. It is Friendly to Sun and Venus. It is inimical to Moon and Neutral to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. It is neutral to both Rahu and Ketu.

04 Sep 2012

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