Pisces Business Horoscope 2016

Owing to the various Planetary transitions, effective running of the enterprise is likely to get impacted during the first half of the year. This, however, is just a passing phase that requires you to stick to excellence in all formats, advises Ganehsa. Wily Saturn transiting through Sagittarius, in the Tenth House, throughout the year, will be influencing both Jupiter (transiting through Virgo in the Seventh House till May 10) and Rahu in the Seventh House. These transitions lead to a positive situation wherein you can strike excellent deals through stringent quality implementation and delivering excellent products. The Retrogression of Jupiter (from January 8 till May 10) makes it imperative for you to consolidate your position and focus on achieving vertical growth rather than think of business expansion. The growth pace might not be as impressive as you expect, during the said period. If you have been making some expansion plans or if you have contemplating of taking some drastic steps to boost up your business, then it would be wise to get the right advice. Even one wrong decision can cause great damage. Keeping in mind all that a businessman would require to make the smart moves, we have thoughtfully designed the service 2016 Business Report. It will be prepared on the basis of your birth-details, so exclusivity and accuracy guaranteed!

Transit of Mars will be a determinant of business development. Those having alliances with foreign-based companies will realize more growth during the transit of Mars in Scorpio. Manufacturers planning capacity expansion could take the idea forward from July onwards. July, with all its prospects, looks promising for spearheading business ambitions.

During retrogression of Saturn (from April 1 till August 13), you will need to work harder and pay attention to ‘on time’ delivery of your goods. Entrepreneurs and business personnel need to focus on a customer friendly approach and solve problems effectively to gain confidence. Being pre-equipped with the information of what may work in your favour to make effective quarterly plans would be a dream of any businessman! To help you be a step ahead always, we put in the best efforts and our personalised and service – Your Future in 2016 – Quarter-wise predictions is one such example of our effort. In this service, you shall be given a quarter-by-quarter lowdown of all the probabilities and possibilities that you need to be aware of.

Jupiter entering Libra (from September 10) will bring a cheerful spring to business prospects. While repeat orders from customers boost your sales, your past efforts too will reap in profits. You might benefit from revising old contacts for good. Steer clear from giving any unsecured credit to new customers.

If you play your cards well, you will be able to achieve a vertical growth for your business.

Eventful Times
  • March 6 to April 4
  • May 23 to July 14
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08 Oct 2015

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