What starry alignments make Narendra Modi such an enigma that he is? Ganesha analyses…


Narendra Modi in not a name that requires much of an introduction today. Of the humble beginnings, amazing charisma, great eloquence and an unbelievable ability that helped him conquer the zenith, Narendra Damodardas Modi, the reigning Indian Prime Minister is a living legend, whose stories and anecdotes, the future generations will quote. But, his way surely has not been easy. Nonetheless, he always seems to have an edge over the others. What gives him this starry quality and the intriguing ability to achieve glory? Did the planetary alignments in his Horoscope too aided this man’s insatiable quest and extreme dedication for achieving the highest standards and position? Lets’ find out…

17 September, 1950
Vadnagar, Gujarat
10:10 am


The above question surely cannot be answered in a line or two and not also in a single paragraph. There are many combinations that contribute to the wonder of this man, and the most dazzling areas have been highlighted below:
  • Narendra Modi is born in the Libra Ascendant and Libra is one of the four cardinal signs which represent leadership and enterprising qualities and this sign itself sets the tune for the rest of the chart! The Ascendant Lord Venus is placed favourably in the 11th House in his Horoscope, along with the Yogakaraka Planet of his Chart i.e. the Lord of the 4th House and 5th House (owner of both a Trine House and Quadrant House) – Saturn. This combination itself symbolises that Mr. Modi is blessed with excellent capabilities and great calibre. A strong 11th House in any Chart definitely augurs well for the native, as it gives him/ her the ability to have great ambitions and desires, and also the ability to realise them. It is observed many a times that the people with a strong 11th House are able to contribute greatly to the society. In Mr. Modi’s case, the 11th House is occupied by two key planets – Venus and Saturn.
  • Moreover, Jupiter – the Lord of the 3rd House and 6th House is placed in the 5th House and is aspecting Venus and Saturn placed in the 11th House and is giving his auspicious grace to the two Planets. The Dispositor of Jupiter, Saturn happens to be placed in the opposite House and it is aspecting its own Sign Aquarius. So, we can see a beautiful inter-relationship between Venus, Saturn and Jupiter.
  • 2nd and 7th Houses Lord Mars is in its own Sign (Swagruhi) – Scorpio.
  • The 10th House (Ambition and Power) Lord Moon is in the Sign of Scorpio, in the 2nd House along with the 2nd House Lord Mars and the combination of these two planets forms a Chandra-Mangal Mahalakshmi Rajayoga. We can also attribute Mr. Modi’s extraordinary communication and oratory skills to such a 2nd House! Moreover, the 10th Lord (Ambition) placed in the sign of Scorpio (the sign which represents great ambition and determination) is wonderful and the debilitation of the Moon also gets cancelled because of the association of a Swagruhi Mars. Mars as the 7th Lord is also very strong, and this explains his amazing connect with the masses and public. It can be observed that Natal Moon and Mars are conjunct in the 2nd House of Speech. The position of Moon shows that Narendra Modi listens to his heart and expresses his inner feelings while public speaking. This factor also shows that he does not like reading handwritten scripts while publicly speaking. The position of Mars in his horoscope indicates that Mr. Modi’s uses high-pitched tone while addressing people. His methodical approach and ability to formulate sentences in an impressive manner can be attributed to the conjunction of Mars and Moon. He has a tendency to put more emphasis on few words or sentences, during his public speeches. This particular characteristic of his nature is also because of the placement Mars in the 2nd House of Speech. If Mars in any way has a relation with Moon, then it is seen that the mind gets a razor-sharp edge and the individuals with such an influence are often found to be very sharp, with a keen sense of awareness and alertness.
  • Rahu – the Planet who represents intricate planning, indecipherable thinking, super-sharp and keen intelligence, strategic mindset etc. is placed in the 6th House (Enemies) and this placement acts tremendously in favour of Mr. Modi as he has always been successful in turning the tables on his opponents and converting adversities into opportunities.

If the aforementioned configurations are dissected and studied in a deeper sense, even more interesting things would come to the fore. For a politician to have a successful career and an edge over his opponents, it is required that the planets like Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu are in good positions. Additionally, a strong Mars tends to be highly favourable, courage and self-confidence are must to survive and flourish in the political arena.

Apart from the planets, the individual Houses in a Horoscope are also taken into consideration – the 1st House (self, personality, charisma), the 2nd House (speech, oratory, expression), 3rd House (courage, skills, talents, self-effort, knack to deal with sudden situations), 5th House (fame, intelligence, intuition), 6th House (enemies, strength to outsmart competitors and rivals, competitions/contests), 9th House (fortune, country, social image, honour, higher knowledge), the 10th House (success, ambition, prestige, authority), and the 11th House (networks, contacts, achievements, realisation of ambition and dreams) are very important and play a very significant role in determining the influence a person may have on the masses. In the case of Mr. Modi, all these Houses are under positive influences and the Lords of all these Houses form a divine picture.

So, we can summarise some areas of the above in the following points:
1. Lagna Lord in the 11th House (Venus)
2. Saturn: (i) in the 11th House and (ii) as Yogakaraka in the 11th House. Saturn in the 11th House itself is a great placement and he is also having the virtue of being the Yogakaraka, so it is an even better equation.
3. Jupiter in the 5th House, activating the trines 1st and 9th Houses and also the 11th House.
4. Mars in the 2nd House being in his own House along with the 10th Lord Moon
5. Rahu in the 6th House

There is also an important part that the Nakshatras play in Mr. Modi’s case. The placement of the Planets in the Nakshatras and the power and the influences that the Planets are deriving from that in the horoscope of Narendra Modi makes for a very interesting study.

Let’s take a look at the Nakshatras in which the planets are placed in Modi’s Horoscope and how this influences his personality:
1. Sun in own Nakshatra – Uttaraphalguni
2. Mercury in Sun’s Nakshatra – Uttaraphalguni
3. Ketu in Sun’s Nakshatra – Uttaraphalguni
4. Saturn in Sun’s Nakshatra – Uttaraphalguni
5. Mars in the Nakshatra of the 3rd and 6th Lord Jupiter – Visakha
6. Jupiter in Mars’ Nakshatra – Dhanishta
7. Moon in Saturn’s (Yogakaraka’s) Naksatra – Anuradha
8. Venus in own Nakshatra – Purvaphalguni
9. Rahu in Yogakaraka Saturn’s Naksatra – Uttarabhadra

It is remarkable to note that all the Planet-Nakshatra relationships in the case of Mr. Modi are contributing in some way or the other to the sublime greatness of the man, who managed to ascend right to the top, even when he started from a rather modest background.

Explanation of the Nakshatra Occupation of Planets:
There is an exchange of Nakshatras between Mars and Jupiter, and out of the two Jupiter happens to be the 3rd and 6th Houses (courage and boldness) Lord and Mars happens to be the Karaka of courage. So, the lord/s of the aforementioned houses having any connection with Mars, may, in most cases wok in favour of the native, as regards his courage, boldness and the ability to resist dangers and hassles. This explains Modiji’s resilience and the power to withstand any sort of difficulty that may come in his path.

Major role of Sun – the Planet of Politics, Power and Government by the way of being the Nakshatra Lord of 4 key Planets and the Dispositor of both the Ascendant Lord and Yogakaraka in the Horoscope of Mr. Modi:

So, we can very well observe that 4 Planets are placed in the Constellation/Nakshatra of Sun, that is in Uttaraphalguni. As, it is commonly known, Sun is the Planet who signifies Politics, Government, Administration, Power, Authority and all such royal aspects. Sun already happens to be the dispositor of the Ascendant Lord Venus and the Yogakaraka Planet Saturn and he is the 11th Lord of the Chart. So, Mr. Modi has gained tremendously from the areas represented by Sun and his success is one of the most phenomenal ones that we have seen in our lifetime, so far!

Some Highlights in the Navamsa Chart:
Sun as the 5th House Lord in the 10th House
Mercury as the 3rd and 6th Houses Lord in the 10th House
Saturn as the 10th and 11th Houses Lord in the 9th House

The above placements are liking an icing on the cake and further add to the power and strength of the chart! Ganesha shall not get into the deeper areas of the Navamsa Chart in this article as the major attributes, qualities and strengths have been already discussed.

Such planetary combinations and configurations only indicate that some people are chosen by the Almighty for the accomplishment of some particular tasks in this mortal world! Such cases as this, can be considered spectacular case-study materials and the enthusiasts of astrology should ideally consider taking up such cases to be able to learn the deeper areas and the interesting aspects of the Vedanga – Astrology!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Aaditya Sain
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

05 Aug 2015

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