Monthly Predictions – for 15th August to 15th September
[Monthly Predictions – Commencing from 15th August till 15th September]

Marriage is foreseen for individuals who have attained 28 years of age. In all likelihood, you shall witness differences with your spouse. For those in married relationships, the time is opportune for conceiving a child. A suitable time for home renovations. An auspicious time to have Havan pooja done at home. The time is right to brush up your artistic hobby. Nice time to travel abroad. You may get hold of some undetected disease. A favourable time for medical work and social service. You may get hold of a new job offer. You may witness an increase in your psychic abilities and meditation may guide you fruitfully.

Good time to have short journeys with your siblings. You may face problems with your seniors at the work place. The time is right to purchase a vehicle. You may find yourself in the middle of a litigation or court case. It’s an excellent time for sales, marketing, and public speaking. A favourable time to work abroad. The time is right for commencing a new business related to real estate. A suitable time to have inter-caste marriage. A favourable time for marital relations. Eighteen years old may have love affairs that needs to be tested to know their rightful intentions.

It’s a favourable time to purchase your dream house. You shall have to advise your children to drive safely on the roads. Those individuals looking to get married for the 2nd time can go ahead. You may be able to pursue higher education with some hindrances. You can take the help from your sibling to enhance your communication skills. You can go for a home based business like starting a group tuition. A suitable time to do some interior decoration for your home. You have to remain careful else you may be cheated in love. Your creative work shall give you fame. You need to work to increase your immovable property. You may get excellent job opportunities around this time.

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Marriage is foreseen for individuals who have attained 24 years of age. You may shift your residence. If you are interested, its right time to pursue higher learning in occult science. Married women may likely have to go for caesarean procedure to deliver the baby. Your spouse may get a better job offer. You shall go through certain differences of opinion with your spouse. You may have to deal with ill health of your mother. You may put on extra weight. It’s a good time for gaining technical excellence. Neighbours may hurt you.

You may gain money from foreign lands. Its a favourable time to start a transport business. If you are connected with temple and related matters – it’s ideal time to build a temple. It’s the right time to learn and do research work. Pilgrimage will give way to your life. Your status shall be enhanced through a second marriage. During this period, you shall have a good intuition and better psychic ability. You shall acquire success in arts, media and entertainment. This is a favourable time to obtain due recognition for your work. Your children may go abroad for further studies. The time is right for acquiring land and property. A favourable time to commence a new business with your spouse. It’s an excellent time for research work. This is the time to take care of the house hold chores and parents responsibilities. This period is suitable for reassessing renewal and enthusiasm to start new ventures like setting up a hotel. An opportune time for engineering and research business.

Your materialistic desires shall increase. Charity will give you success and fame. Your children may go to hostels. Spiritual angle of your spouse shall increase. Singles will likely come across their life partners, with whom they shall get married later on. You shall gain from the business of real estate. This is the right time to get success in your examinations. You will have to take care of the hidden enemies. Your depressive tendencies might increase. Your servants may cheat you, so be watchful. In all likelihood, you may go through mysterious experiences. You shall gain from the hospitality industry. It’s a favourable time for business planning and management. The time is right to take up artistic training.

You may travel abroad for pursuing higher education. The time is favourable to gain power and position. Your second marriage cycle may probably start during this time. You might go through accidents and stomach problems. Your position shall rise in your job, which shall also boost your income. In all likelihood, you shall gain property. Married women shall give birth to a new baby. In all likelihood, you may change your current job. Singles who are in the age group of 28-29 years may likely get married. A favourable time to start business in partnership. It’s the right time for some body building through exercise, yoga and diet control. To attain professional success, it’s recommended to take parents advice. It’s an opportune time for marketing. Your overall travelling shall get reduced, so you will have more time to spare with your family. You need to refrain from legal disputes.

You may be experiencing lack of comforts and blessings of elders. A danger is foreseen out of an enmity, which may also get you imprisoned. You need to refrain from using black magic Tantric-Mantra for your work. There is a possibility of two wives in your life. You shall get honour through your written work that might get published. You may work in a foreign land. You may go for long journeys. You may get associated with famous writers, poets and celebrities. You shall gain through inheritance. You may earn through travel and tourism. You shall follow the same profession of your parents to obtain success. You may face trouble with legal documents. Your mind shall get disturbed due to the ups and downs in your life. You need to refrain from using inferior tactics for professional gains.

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You may go to your in-laws place for attending some social function. You may likely have a change in your profession. You shall succeed in acquiring a rented apartment. It’s an excellent time for spiritual studies. You may experience ill health of your father and may have to deal with it. Affliction and adversities in your life shall prove to be blessings in disguise for your spiritual growth and understanding. It’s an excellent time for transformation. Your partner may bring out the hidden philosopher in you. You may travel abroad or may work for a foreign company. You shall increase your friends and colleagues network. In all likelihood, you shall marry or fall in love with a foreigner.

It’s the right time to get married with a partner having spiritual and artistic talent. You shall go through differences with your seniors at the work-place. Your work load shall rise in your work-place/ office. You may be interested to learn a foreign language. This is the right time to start hospitality business or some creative work. Time is opportune to enter into partnership contracts. Business by using your intuition may help. A favourable time to start business with in-laws. You may get married with a famous personality. You shall have success in your love marriage. Through marriage, your status will get better. You may end up with fake contracts in your business. It’s an opportune time for gaining philosophical and higher studies. You shall look forward to enhance your technical knowledge. Engineering field shall be suitable for you to pursue.

You can look forward to make a successful career in banking and investment sector. You shall experience some difficulties with foreign trade. You are likely to marry more than one time. You shall experience differences with your in laws. In all likelihood, your spouse may get ill, and you shall have to take good care of your spouse and also handle domestic chores. You may get a new job offer. Your life partner could belong to artistic (creative) field. During this time, you shall be more spiritual. You may face certain ego clashes with your spouse. You may get a second life partner who is very spiritual. The time is right for starting a medial business. A favourable time to purchase land and you shall feel that it’s within your reach now. You shall experience problems with eyes, mouth or enlargement of glands.

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You shall lose weight. Domestic unhappiness may surround you. You need to refrain from overindulgences of any kind. You shall attain success in love matters. You may be able to conceive a child. Your artistic work may get you fame. In all likelihood, you shall get a wise and wealthy life partner. It seems that you shall have a secret marriage. You shall gain from banking investment and brokerage. You may get a lot of pleasure because of your children. You shall have to plan for education and career prospects of your child. You might have profitable business journeys. You may travel abroad for work. You may get good job opportunities in banking sector.

Article Contributed By
Sonia Nayyar
Panel Astrologer of

16 Aug 2014

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