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Horoscope or Kundli is as unique as the finger prints are to an individual. Accurate Astrology predictions can be done with Horoscopes.
A birth horoscope or a Kundali of a person is like a ‘map of heavens’ at the time of birth. Therefore, planetary positions in the Zodiac calendar at the time of the birth of that person will have a strong impact on his life. It is also widely known as natal horoscope, natal chart or birth chart. To cast a birth horoscope, first of all R.A.M.C. (Right Ascension of Meridian Cusp) for the moment of birth is calculated. Once this is done, one can find Ascendant at the time of birth, based on the local mean time. After this, all the Houses are calculated based on the House system preferred.

Once the birth horoscope is ready, planetary positions at the moment of birth are calculated and filled in the horoscope. In Vedic astrology, other divisional charts and Dasha Bhuktis, which are widely known as planetary periods, are also calculated. The Kundali is now ready and the future can be unfolded.

Ever wondered what is the use of a horoscope? Well, it describes a person from head to toe! The coded language of planets indicate how that person actually is and how his course of life is likely to be. In fact, a horoscope is a yardstick to measure anything related to a person’s life. A birth horoscope is a powerful tool to know a person in and out. And it goes without saying that if you know the person well, you would know how to deal with that person or how to handle that person. Sometimes, we tend to have expectations from a person that are beyond his capacity. This may lead to frictions and frustration for both the persons involved. But by using readings of a person’s Kundali, we can easily know the brighter as well as the weaker side of the person, and in turn, deal with that person accordingly. The idea is to create a better and healthy society, which is possible only if we know the potential of that person.

A Kundali is the base of all the events likely to take place in the future. It foretells whether something is on the cards for you or not. When the planetary positions in the Kundali clearly indicate a failure, even the most persistent efforts will go in vain. However, one should always consider the planetary transits with reference to the planetary positions in the Kundali. If planetary transits are referred in absence of planetary positions at birth, predictions would go wrong. Some people, who may just consider the position of Ascendant and start predicting, can go completely wrong. Birth horoscope with planetary positions requires basic factors to gauge things and situations in store for you. A Kundali is a mirror to life and its correct analysis will help you reach your destination easily and happily.

14 May 2013

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