Hessonite (Gomed)


Name – The Gemtones Hessonite/ Gomed is a kind of Garnet. The word “Hessonite” is derived from Greek word hēssōn meaning inferior. This word is used in allusion to this gemstone’s lower hardness and density than most other garnets. Astrologically, this stone is said to represent the shadow planet Rahu.

Indian name – Gomedh/ Gomed

Formation – Formed in metamorphic rocks or gem gravels and sands.

Sources – Found in the gem gravels of Sri Lanka and in Brazil, Canada, Russia and the U.S.A.

Available colours – The orange-brown colour of the stone Hessonite grossular garnet is due to manganese and iron inclusions.

SG – 3.65
RI – 1.73 – 1.75
Hardness – 7.25

Hessonite or Cinnamon Stone belongs to the calcium aluminium grossularite type, Ca3Al2Si3O12.

Zodiac – Aquarius Planet – Rahu Day – Saturday

Advantages – On wearing Hessonite, one may experience the following benefits:
  • Enhances power, fame, political success, money.
  • Stimulates bloodstream and pituitary gland, relieves rheumatism and arthritis pain.
  • Improves dealing with people.
  • Combats depression and lethargy.
  • Protects against depression and impure thoughts.
  • Prevents cancer, fears, phobias, illnesses, poisons.

Fancy Fact – Both the Ancient Greeks and Romans made cameos, intaglios and cabochons from hessonite and faceted stones for jewellery.

Do not wear or get the gemstone Hessonite, without confirming its suitability for you, as per your Horoscope. Speak to an Astrologer, who will be able to recommend the best gemstone that’s perfect for you!

Nonetheless, if you know this gemstone will be ideal for you and wish to buy it, you can buy an original and attuned Hessonite gemstone here.

17 Nov 2014

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