Mercury – the master of economics and finance, blesses Dr. Singh with great intelligence!

“The conjunction of an exalted Mercury and Sun in his 10th House of power, status, profession and authority is forming a Budh-Aditya Yoga which is one of the most prominent reasons of his reaching to the top position and making great progress in the field of politics”, observes Ganesha in the Horoscope of the stalwart…

Dr. Manmohan Singh is one of the biggest names in India, when it comes to Economics and Finance. Who can forget the 1991 reforms era, the period which blessed Dr. Singh with immense popularity and fame because of his great vision and reforms. The popular terms – Liberalisation, privatisation and  globalisation are most popularly associated with this highly knowledgeable man, who even went on to become the Prime Minister of India in the year 2004, when the Congress led UPA formed the government at the centre. On the great intellectual’s birthday, Ganesha takes a look at his Natal Chart and explains what planetary configurations blessed him with such great intelligence and power. Read on…
Dr. Manmohan Singh
Date of Birth  :- 26th September 1932
Time of Birth  :- 14.00 pm
Place of Birth :- Jhelum, Pakistan


Some Important Astrological Observations:
  • Dr. Manmohan Singh was born with Sagittarius Ascendant and the Lord of Ascendant Jupiter is placed in 9th House with Ketu in his Natal Chart.
  • The conjunction of Mercury and Sun in his 10th House of power, status, profession and authority is forming a Budh-Aditya Yoga which is one of the most prominent reasons of his reaching to the top position and making great progress in the field of politics.
  • Mercury – the planet of finance, commerce and economics is in the Midheaven (10th House) in his Natal Chart and it is exalted. This Mercury conjunct Sun in Virgo gives him vast knowledge in Economics. This combination confers upon him knowledge as deep as ocean and blesses him with great skills. It also gives him great power of grasping and understanding things. This is one of the contributory factors for his brilliance in economics and finance, as Mercury represents the power of thought and intelligence and its union with the Sun gave him great imagination with great depth of thought and a sense of originality. This placement of Mercury even results into one of the Panch-Mahapurusha Yogas, that is Bhadra Yoga. Mercury is exalted and is placed in a Kendra.
  • Sun happens to be the Lord of the 9th House and with that virtue, his being posited in the 10th House is in itself a Rajayoga and to complement this fact, Sun attains ‘Dig bala’ (Directional strength) in the 10th House. So the Sun-Mercury conjunction, which happens to be a conjunction of the 9th House and 10th House Lords gave excellen results to Dr. Singh! 
  • Moon conjunct Mars gave him great public response and also mass appeal. This also made him wealthy and famous, as the combination of Moon and Mars results into the Chandra-Mangal Mahalakshmi Rajayoga!
  • Saturn in Capricorn shows that he is a person who religiously believes  in the concept of hard-work and discipline.
  • He became the Prime Minister on the 22nd May 2004 when he was running through the Rahu-Saturn dasha. Both planets happen to well-disposed in his Chart and thus become functional benefics in his case. 
All these planetary position made him one of the most talented economists and a great Prime Minister of India.

Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to Dr. Manmohan Singh and wishes him a most happy birthday. 

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Kashyap Rawal
The Team

18 Sep 2015

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