Nakshatra – Vishakha

Colour: Golden
Lucky letters:Z

Those who born in this sixteenth Nakshatra are mostly found to be rational. They are either plump or very lean. Unorthodox in thinking and practice they are at the same time are highly intelligent. They don?t follow religion per se but are reverent to the higher authority. Exposed and adept to modernity and change they mostly live away from parental family and are often the maternal love and care. For them truth is most important and they stand by it in all situations. Males born in this star often indulge in womanising apart from a strong addiction to alcohol. They are born orators who could mesmerize the listeners with words. They act stingy when it comes to spending but becomes extravagant when it is not called for. Females born in this star are extremely beautiful, which obviously attracts a huge fanfare. They love their husbands and are very much attached to his parents especially the father in law. Least arrogant and religious she builds an instant rapport with in-laws after the marriage. Unfortunately these people are always haunted by the memories of the struggle of their early life and this in turn creates a hidden fear for an eventuality through out their life. Male Vishakha Jatakas often display vulnerability towards paralytic attacks apart from asthmatic attacks. Females born under this Nakshatra need to be careful about kidney troubles.

04 Sep 2012