Nakshatra – Uttarashadha

Colour: Copper
Lucky letters: B & G

The Jatakas of this Nakshatra are marked by their well-proportioned physique, and graceful appearance. Usually they also have a mole around their faces or waists. The Jatakas of this Nakshatra are marked by their refined and soft-spoken nature and innocence. Sincere, religious and moral, they display utmost decency even on the face of extreme aggression. Forever ready to except their own mistakes, they however need to be recognized and pampered by others a lot for staying happy. It is ironical to note that in spite of all their virtues, for the Jatakas of this Nakshatra their children become a major cause of grief. However the male natives of this Nakshatra are blessed with a happy married life. The Jatakas need to find their companion from those born under Revati or Uttarabhadrapada. They need to be extra careful during the initial part of their lives; the period after 38 years however brings them all round success. Health wise the Jatakas need to guard against stomach problems, paralysis of limbs, pulmonary diseases and defects in the eyes.

04 Sep 2012