Nakshatra – Swati

Colour: Black
Lucky letters: R & L

The fifteenth Nakshatra in the zodiac Swati is perhaps the next name of admiration. Jatakas of this Nakshatra are admired by the opposite sex for their beauty and their originality of independence. However, over assertion of their independence often leads them to trouble. With zero tolerance for authority, they become very adamant, resistive and arrogant when the situation turns against their freedom. They usually honour individuals, irrespective of one?s position or power. They seldom forgive the people who have undermined them. They are not greedy or jealous about other peoples wealth and at the same time they are reluctant to share their own either. They are not social butterflies. They are intelligent but most of them found to suffer in their early life and carrier. Until 25 years of age, things tend to always go against them. Their married life is usually found to be more accommodative than happy. Females born in this star are well behaved but they dislike travelling. If at all they happened to be in carrier they achieve excellence beyond their qualification. Many times their sincerity, warmth and steady nature emerge as their strength in their carrier. The best period of the Jatakas of Swati starts after 30 and continues till 60. Usually the Jataka of Swati enjoys good health, however, it is advisable for them to be careful regarding heart and abdominal problems.

04 Sep 2012