Nakshatra – Rohini

Colour: White
Lucky letters: O & V

The fourth Nakshatra is Rohini. People born in this star are generally good looking with beautiful and attractive eyes. However, Jatakas of this Nakshatra are usually the quintessential difficult persons, whom one would rather avoid meeting. They are stubborn; short tempered, and quintessential faultfinders. They seldom evaluate their own actions and engage themselves in evaluating others. Jatakas of this Nakshatra are also disrespectful to any idea or suggestion, which does not confirm to their own, however pertinent it may be. Their love hate relationship is highly troublesome, as both tend to take them to the extremes. Most of the ups and downs in life are their own creation as planning is their worst nightmare. Most of them are spendthrift. The Rohini Jatakas are usually unforgiving in nature, but tend to blindly believe people, with whom they are comfortable. They are dependable in any work as most of them are sincere but keeps their heart before head in the event of any crisis. This leads them to many other complications. Life in the early years is quite difficult for the Rohini Jatakas. However things take a positive turn for them once they reach 36 years of age. It is observed that they have the best part of their lives during the period between 36 to 50 years and between 65 to 75 years. Rohini Jatakas are prone to blood related ailments, respiratory problems, and throat infections.

04 Sep 2012