Nakshatra – Revati

Colour: Brown
Lucky letters: D & C

The Revati Jatakas are blessed with good and symmetrical physique, and are moderate in height. The female natives at times have deformities in their feet. They are clean-hearted, soft spoken, and sincere in dealings. They are judgmental and are bad guards of secrets. They are stubborn and ambitious and totally incapable of taking defeats. However, they are the most religious among all other Jatakas of various Nakshatras. Scientific pursuits, medicine, ancient history, poetry are some of the areas where the Revati Jatakas do well. Unfortunately, they are rarely very happy in their family lives. Often it is noted that they settle down in countries other than the one they are born in. Professionally their hard work is seldom rewarded proportionately, until they attain 50 years of age. The period between 23 years and 26 years normally is a good period for them. However, the period between 26 to 42 years of age marks a lot of struggle all around. It is only after their 50th year, that they can think of worriless and stable life. The Revati Jatakas need to be careful regarding fever, dysentery or dental diseases, intestinal ulcers and ear problems.

04 Sep 2012