Nakshatra – Punarvasu

Colour: Grey or Lead
Lucky letters: K & H

Punarvasu the seventh Nakshatra of the Zodiac has Aditi the mother of Gods as its presiding deity. The Jatakas born in this sign are religious and often cross over to orthodoxy unwittingly but certainly. They are usually handsome with long limbs, curly hair, long nose and carry a contended look with a slight miss. Always helping in nature, they lead simple life but can be very stubborn and resistive when it comes to anything unethical and illegal. They won?t take part and will try to desist others from doing it. They are capable of shifting a certain kind of behavior to another with supreme poise, which makes others confused and scared. They are more successful in public ventures than business ventures and accumulate more of fame than wealth. Being not accommodative at times their married lives in particular are not cordial and many would venture into second marriage.The Jatakas of this Nakshatra usually are deprived of good health. The women born under this Nakshatra are highly vulnerable to ailments like jaundice, goiter, and abdominal problems.

04 Sep 2012