Nakshatra – Jyeshtha

Colour: Cream
Lucky letters: N & Y

The eighteenth Nakshatra in the zodiac Jyeshtha is all of strength. Jatakas of this Nakshatra are blessed with enormous strength and vitality. However, this is not to be read in the non-physical sense of the statement. More often than not, they display a lot of inner softness and often shun problems as they fail to address them with the strength required. They are very good at heart and are very sensitive too. However their inability to retain secrets often earns them bad repute of being gossipmongers. As a matter of fact they don?t keep any ill will towards others. However their obstinacy in action often limits their success. They are hasty decision makers and often end up in trouble due this. Many times it?s observed that Jyeshtha Jatakas end up taking instant decision at all circumstances. They had to cross lot of stumbling blocks in their achievements and mostly benefit from enemies than from relatives. One very good plus point in their life is that they mostly enjoy very cordial and loving family life. But make no mistake when we say family it is certainly not his parents or siblings. Females born in this star have peculiar eagerness to know what others think about them. Unlike their male counter parts some of them are found to be disastrously harassed by their in-laws.

04 Sep 2012