Nakshatra – Hasta

Colour: Deep green
Lucky letters: P, S, N & D

Hasta is the thirteenth star of the zodiac. The Jatakas born under this Nakshatra normally are tall with stout body features with somewhat mixed colour complexion. They display a calm nature and are extremely attractive. Their amiable nature earns them lasting friendships. They give without expectations and lead a simple life. However, the Jatakas of this Nakshatra have bumpy lives with frequent ups and downs, be it in profession or family. They will have initial success in all fields they start. However, they soon come across stumbling blocks, which limit their success to mediocrity. They are strict disciplinarian when it comes to profession. Rather than remaining a subordinate, these people are usually the ones to call the shots. They usually lead a happy family life with children. Mostly their children found to be decently behaved and are good at studies. Jatakas of Hasta will have some artistic qualities, of which they are well aware of and constantly try to improvise upon. Though they try their best to avoid hurting others, yet, once hurt, they can be quite vindictive. The early part of their lives (till they are 30) is marked with remarkable amount of circumstantial changes. The period between 30 to 42 years is the golden period of the Hasta Jatakas. Females born under this Nakshatra being extremely outspoken often tend to attract criticism and enmity of the relatives. Twisting of veins is one of their main health problems apart from vulnerability towards cold.

04 Sep 2012