Nakshatra – Bharani

Bharani fall in the first 30-degree of Aries

Colour: Blood Red
Lucky letters: L
Astronomical name: 35 Arietis
Bharani is the second star in zodiac. People born under this star are medium built with fairly large neck and beautiful eyes. They tend to have thick eyebrows and not so nicely arranged teeth. Although good at heart, most of them are disliked by many for their outspoken nature. They never hide their opinion however damaging that could be in their relationship and usually never seek advantage through flattery. They are always open to criticism with right intention and are born to command and lead. However the Jatakas born under this Nakshatra often waste a lot of time by running after the rumours. Ladies born in this star take total control of their husbands, if they happen to be simpleton. They are suited to any kind of occupation. Life usually takes a positive turn for them after 33 years. The men born under this Nakshatra are usually poor eaters. However they rarely suffer from any major ailment. The women born under Bharani however have menstrual problems, and anaemia. Sun’s period generally found to be worrisome for this people.

04 Sep 2012