Nakshatra – Ashwini

Ashwini is the first star to reckon in the zodiac. Ashwini fall in the first 30-degree of Aries.

Colour: Blood Red
Lucky letters: C & L
Astronomical name: Beta Arietis
People born under Ashwini are blessed with beautiful appearance with large eyes, broad forehead and pleasing persona. Normally they tend to be headstrong with their decision. They are God fearing, lover of music, intelligent and expert in many subjects and mostly devoted to their family. Celanese is their second name and expect others to follow the suit. Jatakas born under this Nakshatra, usually face the rough end of life in their initial days, however, they make a good living past 30 years of age. Their steady rise usually continues till they are about 55. It is observed that the Jatakas born under this Nakshatra generally enjoy good health. Both Shani and Mangal play important role in their lives and unless well placed in the horoscope, they may cause significant distress for them It is advisable for this people to consult astrology at brink of crisis instead of being adamant, as often astrological guidance can render sufficient relief.

04 Sep 2012