Nakshatra – Ashlesha

Colour: Black-Red
Lucky letters: D

The Jatakas born under the ninth Nakshatra are identified by their serpentine nature, penetrative looks and forceful appearance.. Those born in this star have amazing penetrating eyes, which pierce through others. People born in sign are found to be lean and rude appearance. They are not sincere and ungrateful to even those helped them in life. They seldom practice what they preach, but attract people with hypocritical words. They are mostly intelligent and ambitious and excel in public sphere. Seldom trusting, they are often seen to keep the company of rather unpleasant evildoers. A strong lover of independence, they resist and react sharply to anything that remotely challenges their independence. However, the Jatakas of Ashlesha never cheat or grab other?s property. It is observed that others often suspect them for all the wrong reasons. These people are mostly betrayed by their close relatives and friends while they receive help from unexpected quarters. As a rule the Jatakas of this Nakshatra incur heavy financial loss at the age of 35- 36. However the early forties prove exceedingly beneficial for them. They are usually deprived of a understanding spouse Most of the time they shoulder many responsibilities in their family. Their luck is some what come in the form of a serpentine pattern making life a roller coaster rides. Females born in this star found to be with non-chalant attitude and have a high moral ground. She commands respect among the relatives and community. The Jatakas of this Nakshatra are especially vulnerable to joint pains, hysteria, jaundice and drug addiction.

04 Sep 2012