Nakshatra – Ardra

Colour: Green
Lucky letters: K, G, N, C

Nakshatra or Stars in Astrology Ardra is the sixth star in the Zodiac. The Jatakas of this Nakshatra do not display any specific specialty in terms of appearance. People born under this Nakshatra are usually responsible and intuitive. They are also appreciated for their strong sense of humour. Their friendly nature earns them a lot of friends and admirers. Being perpetual seekers of knowledge, they these people maintain a cool approach even at the brink of acute crisis, which helps them to surmount the crisis and earn respect. They are capable of handling multitasking simultaneously without any failure. Unfortunately, in spite of their qualities, they are seldom recognized and rewarded. They have a sharp and systematic scientific brain, so many of them are rational in life and try to associate with certain scientific or research function. As a matter of fact they can do very well in such professions. The period between 32 to 42years is the richest period of their lives. The ailments like asthma, dry coughs etc, sometimes prove disturbing for the Jatakas of this Nakshatra.

04 Sep 2012