Nakshatra – Anuradha

Colour: Red Brown
Lucky letters: N

The seventeenth Nakshatra of the zodiac is the debilitation position for moon. As it is indicated Jatakas of this Nakshatra are usually short-tempered. This may be due the unseen worry they always loved to carry. They are with medium complexion and will always have a lost pensive look in their face. Blessed with bright eyes and a beautiful figure, the females born under this Nakshatra are quite often attractive. They are denied of the love from father either because of his early death or a rift arising between the Jataka and his father. Often their mothers nurse resentment towards them. Also they are often denied of any support from their siblings. From a very early age, they either stay apart from their parents or their parental house. Life is usually quite harsh to them. They are religious and at situations are also fanatic about their belief. They try to give their children all the love and attention they were denied. They are also very careful about their upbringing. Usually it is seen that these people start their life quite early. However life between 17 to 49 years is usually the period of trouble for them. Once this period is over, however great success and happiness come their way. Asthmatic problems, cough and cold, and throat problems usually plague the Jatakas of Anuradha.

04 Sep 2012