Battle of Amethi – Will the traditional voters shift their loyalties?

Cosmos may fade RaGa’s popularity to a great extent during the 2014 Elections, feels Ganesha. However, despite his fading popularity and feeble chances of becoming the Prime Minister of India, Rahul Gandhi will continue to grow in stature in the Indian political scene, further asserts

The glaring point in our political scene today is that a party, which dominated the Indian politics since independence, producing one charismatic leader after another, now appears to be teetering on the brink. Will Rahul Gandhi manage to step in and salvage the party from total ruin by winning the Lok Sabha elections?

The stars say, not really, says Ganesha.
Rahul Gandhi’s Birth Chart
Congress Government
Kumar Vishwas’ Birth Chart
Congress Government
Smriti Irani’s Birth Chart
Congress Government

Rahul Gandhi is currently under the influence of Mars Mahadasha and Jupiter Bhukti. Mars is placed in the star of Rahu and Jupiter is retrograde in the Ascendant. Jupiter owns the 6th house (house of enemy) in his chart and this planetary aspect would be a major roadblock for him. So, the General elections shall turn out to be a big electoral test for RaGa.

The transiting Saturn and Rahu are moving over the retrograde Jupiter. So, Rahul’s role in the selection of candidates for the polls may cause turmoil within the Indian National Congress. Also, Rahul’s political strategy and skills shall not enthuse the voters and his party members much.

As the transiting Jupiter is moving over Rahul’s natal Sun and Mars, the traditional voters of Congress – the party loyalists – will look at him to guide them and govern at the national level, but he will be unable to fulfill their expectations. He will remain concerned and doubtful about himself or the system, and as a result he will not be able to express himself freely.

In an ‘adding fuel to fire’ move, AAP recently pegged Kumar Vishwas, the eloquent politician and poet from Uttar Pradesh against RaGa at Amethi, the key seat of Congress and the Gandhi parivar. In Kumar Vishwas’ chart, assert the’s Astrologers, the transiting Jupiter is aspecting the natal Venus and Jupiter as well. So, he can be counted as a major challenge to “dynasty politics” in Amethi!

And, quite recently Bhartiya Jananta Party fielded the famous television Bahu Smriti Irnai from the same seat – which was quite a shocker.

Ganesha notes that Smriti has a strong Venus-Mercury conjunction in the 10th House of her Kundli, which indicates a successful acting career, and also makes her one of the prominent women leaders. She is currently under the influence of Mars Mahadasha and Saturn Bhukti. Saturn is the Yogakaraka planet in her chart bringing her to limelight in this elections season.

However, Saturn is retrograde and the star Lord Jupiter is also afflicted. So, she has a very tough battle to face in these Elections. Not to mention that she will be trying hard to woo the voters, and may also make inroads in Rahul Gandhi’s strong constituency.

But, her efforts may not derive desired momentum. Despite being a very popular face and charisma, she may not be able to make desired impact on Amethi voters. However, her entry in Amethi will make the contest more interesting.

All in all the battle is quite fierce what with two very eloquent leaders contesting against Rahul Gandhi, who doesn’t seem to be managing much confidence vote in 2014 Elections.

However, this should not spell the end for Rahul and Gandhis in Amethi. The transiting Saturn, Mars and Rahu in Libra will not augur well for Kumar Vishwas, so all is yet not won!

On the other hand, the transiting Jupiter is moving over the natal Sun and Mars in Rahul’s chart. So, he may overcome Vishwas’ threat and may be able to retain his Lok Sabha seat from Amethi. It will be an interesting contest though!

The transiting Saturn, Mars and Rahu in Libra will not augur well for Kumar Vishwas, so he may really not win the Amethi seat, feels Ganesha.

On the other hand, the transiting Jupiter is moving over the natal Sun and Mars in Rahul’s chart. So, he may overcome Vishwas’ threat and may be able to retain his Lok Sabha seat from Amethi.

Smrit Irnai may get some support from the voters, but at best she will be able to play the role of a spoiler. Her chances of winning the prestigious seat of Amethi are not so strong. All in all, although the chances of Rahul becoming the Prime Minister of India are very feeble, he still stands a chance to keep his traditional voters’ base intact. Despite his failures, he may continue to play key role within the Congress and also in Indian politics in years to come.

Name of the Contributor
Tanmay Thakar
The Team

03 May 2014

The world’s largest democracy votes to elect its 16th Lok Sabha in a 9-phase staggered electoral battle that stretches for over a month.

This time, thanks to the citizens’ initiatives and many new, interesting and (relatively) young people contesting elections, crusading for common man’s good, aiming for prime positions, the election fever has really caught on! And, adding fuel to the fire is the major involvement of the the Social media – in the whole campaigning activity surrounding the elections.

Here are some important facts about these much talked about elections –

  • 2014 LS Elections are the longest and the costliest Indian elections ever
  • This is the first time the voters of India are being given a provision to make a NOTA – None of the Above – choice in Lok Sabha polls. So, people can say they don’t agree to any of the options offered as their constituency’s leader, and shall still be able to make their vote count
  • India has the world’s largest electorate force, with 814 million eligible to vote in the 2014 Elections – the number is larger than the whole of Europe’s population put together
  • About 10% of the total electorate force would be the first time voters
  • India shall vote from 93,000 polling stations dotted across the country
  • The voters’ slips in 2014 Elections shall carry photographs, so only genuine voters get to exercise their right

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