Tarot card readings for year 2014 – For each Zodiac Sign

2014 Tarot Aries – The Devil – Upright
On the Devil card there is a picture of a half man-half goat creature. This creature has the wings of a vampire bat and above it is an inverted pentagram. Overall, this card has a negative feeling to it and the almost hypnotic stare of the Devil suggests that it will not let you free yourself easily from its clutches. The appearance of this card in your readings tells you that you have become a prisoner of your own fears, addictions and other harmful impulses. Your concepts may be just an illusion. You’re blaming external forces for making you behave the way you have been, but you are actually doing it voluntarily. You can break the chain any moment you wish to. You have conditioned yourself for something and have happily ignored to check what you are doing is right or not. In year 2014, you may feel negative emotions or come across situations that may make you feel helpless and pessimistic. Know that nobody but yourself can help you fight against the negativity.

Lesson: You are probably being obsessed with material wealth, a particular idea or a project, and in your bid to gain what you have been aiming for you are alienating everything else. The Devil card also indicates the presence of vices like alcoholism, unhealthy relationship and immoral practices and your dependence on them. Rather than blaming the outside world, you should accept that you have let the negativity affect your life.

2014 Tarot
Taurus – King of Cups – Upright
The upright King of Cups suggests that you are extremely balanced, both emotionally and practically. In the card, the King is seen sitting on a throne calmly in the middle of a choppy sea, indicating perfect balance. Also, your insight into the emotions of others is quite profound. So in the year 2014, whenever you face challenges that may appear to be daunting, try to draw upon the wisdom that this understanding of human nature gives you. The King of Cups also symbolises compassion, a quality that tremendously enhances your social stature when given full expression by helping people who are in dire need of it. Once you establish yourself as the one person towards whom people in distress can turn to without hesitation, you will practically be accepted as a fine leader of men. The card could also be an indication that an older person is about to enter your life, a person who is wise and considerate enough that you can place your life totally in his charge.

Lesson: There will be times when you may feel very strongly – positively or negatively – about certain developments, and it is exactly at such times that you must understand the need to be considerate and channelise your talents in a positive manner. Don’t be selfish, be a good listener to begin with, as it is only then that you will be able to understand the distress of others, and then go all out to help them.

2014 Tarot
Gemini – Justice – Upright
The Justice card carries an image of a lady – wearing a red cloak, sitting on her chair, holding a sword in her right hand and scales in her left. Like the name suggests, the Justice card means law, order, justice and truth. You get what you deserve – is a message that this card gives out. It also indicates the need for fairness, balance and harmony. The appearance of this card in your readings indicates that you may be called upon to help someone you care about and play the role of a peacemaker or a decision-maker, in 2014. You will be expected to be fair and take unbiased decisions. Don’t rely on your whims and fancies while making decisions, ensure that your intuitions are backed by logic. During the year ahead, you will come across situations where you will have to turn each stone to find the truth and strike a balance in life. When stuck in demanding situations, you will have to make special efforts to not let your emotions affect your rationale.

Lesson: Don’t be double-minded, especially when the stakes are high. Be objective and practical. You may be conveniently ignoring some important issues, but it’s high time you took firm decisions. If you have lied or been operating in a deceptive way, be sure that the justice shall prevail and when things will come out in the open you will have to take the responsibility of your actions.

2014 Tarot
Cancer – Knight of Swords – Upright
The Knight of Swords wields a lot of power and possesses a lot of energy, and when he sets his mind on achieving something, nothing in the world can stop him, such is his determination. The card itself depicts a warrior riding a horse, ready for a battle. When this card turns up in a reading for you it means that you shall be well-prepared to take on whatever challenges fate may choose to throw at you in the upcoming year 2014. However, you will have to temper this fierce passion to win at all costs, by hook or by crook, with a great sense of responsibility. Although this card symbolises lofty ambitions, and great determination to achieve them, it also suggests that you may be so consumed by your own tasks that you will tend to ignore the needs and desires of others around you, even your very own family members.

Lesson: This card has ‘action’ written all over it, but it also suggests a certain amount of impetuosity, recklessness and a lack of concern for your associates. So you need to develop some compassion in order to understand the needs and desires of your near and dear ones. Also, hone your communication skills so that you can put forth your point of view in an objective perspective. Try to stick around with like-minded people who have greater reserves of maturity than you do.

2014 Tarot
Leo – Two of Wands – Upright
The Two of Wands carries an image of a man holding a small globe and standing on the roof of a castle. There is a globe in his hands, representing a vast sea of opportunities awaiting him. Let the past be in the past, and in the year 2014, be open to changes, expand your horizons for broader life experiences, and most importantly, make up your mind about important matters. Don’t hesitate to break the barriers and move out of your comfort zone. This card is telling you to take the first step towards a better tomorrow. Also, be organised and concentrate on your long-term goals. The appearance of this card in your readings indicates overseas travel, higher education, research, a major career change – something that will break your routine in a positive manner. Convince yourself to believe in the plans the Almighty has for you and embrace the opportunities that you come across during 2014. However, avoid taking mindless risks.

Lesson: Something bigger awaits you. You may have to make some important decisions during 2014, and if you want to realise your dreams, bid goodbye to familiar surroundings and follow your instincts. The Two of Wands tells you to try your luck and explore your potential to the fullest. If you have already started out on a new journey, patiently wait for the rewards to come your way. Your efforts will not go in vain.

2014 Tarot
Virgo – Death – Upright
The most feared card in the Tarot deck is the Death card. Death personified is shown riding a horse, an invisible ring of invincibility encircling him. It does indicate the ending of a project, task or a dream, but it also suggests the beginning of a new project, task or a dream. The fact that he is riding a white horse, as depicted in the card, means that in the coming year 2014 when you finish something, you will be purged of all negativities before you embark on a new project. There is an inherent hint of reincarnation, or transformation, in the card, so actually it is not to be feared at all, but to be welcomed. There is hope, optimism and positivity if you look deeper into its meaning. As they say, if one dream never died, you would never get a new one. Let the bygones be bygones, and move on with renewed vigour.

Lesson: By far the greatest lesson to be learnt from this card is that you need to be ready for unexpected changes, forget the past, shed all your negativities, and turn a new leaf in your life. Though it is very possible that certain things may practically come to an end, there is no suggestion of failure in it. It is probably a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, to bring about a great transformation in your life, it is imperative to cast aside your present strategies and adopt new ones.

2014 Tarot
Libra – Nine of Swords – Reversed
There is a distressed women sitting on her bed, as depicted in this card, holding her head in her hands, as if she has just had a frightful dream. The nine swords hanging on the wall behind her show that she has probably been defeated in her quests in life. As this card has appeared reversed in your deck, you will have to be very careful in 2014 about avoiding the clutches of negativities. You tend to become very anxious about every petty setback, and tend to exaggerate it so much in your mind that a molehill begins to appear like a mountain. More than real events, it is your depression, worries, and fears that will harm you. You will have to force yourself to stop thinking negative, for which you will have to meditate hard, and try to look at reality in a more objective and positive manner if you wish to succeed in your aspirations.

Lesson: You need to realise that the more you worry or fear something, the more strongly you are inviting those very things in your life. During adverse circumstances, especially, you will have to be very determined not to go into depression. Auto-suggestion can really help you – just keep telling yourself that you are far more capable, and that success is bound to come to you sooner or later, and till then you have to be very patient.

2014 Tarot
Scorpio – Queen of Cups – Upright
The Queen of Cups card carries an image of a beautiful woman, the Queen of the realms of emotions, sitting on a throne at the end of the sea. She is wearing a gold crown and silver robe. She is a symbol of the multiple roles a woman often plays in her life. The appearance of this Card in a way points at the presence of a mature female or a divine, feminine influence that shall make your life beautiful during the year ahead. And she could also be you yourself! Consider the appearance of this card to be the higher power telling you to be caring and empathetic towards others. Listen to your heart and follow what it says. However, there will be moments during which you may be passive and vulnerable. Learn to balance your emotions, as your intuitions will not always be backed by logic. Be imaginative and let your creativity come to the fore. Creative pursuits will not only help you calm your nerves, but will also assist you in the realisation of your goals.

Lesson: You may be feeling emotional and may be in a position to help someone in need. However, you need to be unattached to ensure that you don’t lose the sense of yourself while helping others. Besides, there is also a possibility of the people around you taking advantage of your kind-heartedness. During the year ahead, learn to explore your emotions and determine what is right for you.

2014 Tarot
Sagittarius – King of Wands – Upright
The King of Wands depicts an image of a king who is holding a blossoming wand in his hand. The blossoming wand here represents life and creativity. This card signifies open, wise, positive, courageous, adventurous masculine energy. During 2014, you will be feeling goal-oriented and ambitious, and the people around you, especially men, will be supportive of your decisions and actions. Focused and determined, you will make it a point to channelise your energies in the right direction. The appearance of King of Wands in your readings is a good omen. It says that you will now take the charge of your life and make things happen. Activities, relationships and projects that don’t lead you anywhere will not feature in your scheme of things this year. As a result, your love life, career, finances, family life, domestic matters – everything will gradually be back on the track. The life path will certainly not be obstacle-free, but know that you will do what it takes to align your priorities in the right order.

Lesson: Certain changes and challenges will take you by surprise in 2014. But you may be too strong-willed to let them affect you for long. You may be all charged up to grab the bull by its horns and make your presence felt. However, the aggressiveness may make you arrogant and egoistic. You may be determined to reach your goals at any cost, but remember, it may cost you heavily. Learn to show restrain when needed. Don’t get carried away by your new-found enthusiasm and ambitiousness.

2014 Tarot
Capricorn – King of Swords – Upright
Clarity of thought, intelligence and power are the qualities which are associated with the Tarot card King of Swords, which depicts a king seated on his throne, holding a double-edged sword pointing upwards. Since this card has turned up in your reading, it means that the year 2014 shall be quite favourable for you. You have been blessed with a lot of authority, but you will use it with a lot of compassion, not as a tyrant. Your judgements will be unbiased, based on pure facts and not hearsay, for which you will also gain a lot of respect among your associates. As for your personal ambitions, you will go about achieving them with cool confidence and a lot of courage, and scarcely anyone will dare to cross your path. You will also be a seeker of truth, a desire which may lead you along the spiritual path.

Lesson: You will have to be very detached and objective in every walk of life, and if you stray from this path your reputation may take a beating. In case you are called upon to take a decision in a matter in which you do not possess expert knowledge, you would do well to consult someone who does. At times you may have to be firm and not sympathetic, which means you should not get carried away by emotions.

2014 Tarot
Aquarius – Queen of Swords – Upright
The Queen of Swords is smart, quick on the uptake, meticulous and possesses an independent nature. As depicted in the card, she sits on her throne with a firm look, suggesting that she will not stand any fooling around. The card indicates that in 2014 you will be able to rise above the mundane, and blaze a trail for others to follow. Also, you will be able to discriminate between your well-wishers and ill-wishers and keep a safe distance from the latter. You will remain very grounded, and possess a complete understanding of your circumstances, which means that nobody will be able to take you for a ride. You will think for yourself and act accordingly, and not get swayed by what people may think about you. You will be detached, and yet care for others in an objective sort of way, and people will repose great trust in you.

Lesson: There will be times when you may get carried away by emotions, or empathy for the sufferings of others. At such times, you may do everything in your capacity to help them, but make sure that you stay detached. Think with your head and not with your heart. Rely on hard facts and figures while taking decisions about any aspect of life, and stay away from rumours and gossiping, otherwise it will spoil your reputation for being free and fair.

2014 Tarot
Pisces – Ten of Swords – Upright
The image on the Ten of Swords card is of a man lying face down with ten swords embedded in his back. The appearance of this card in your readings indicates the possibility of a sudden blow, failure or disaster, which may cause you great pain and leave you shattered, in 2014. There are times when you can take steps to reduce the impact of the blow, but this is not one of those situations. So you have no option but to be hit by the bitter truth and ugly side of life. You may get betrayed by someone you trusted blindly. The sudden end of things may make your feel powerless, and in all likelihood, you will crave for attention and want others to acknowledge your helplessness. While everything seems dark and gloomy, there does exist a silver lining. The Ten of Swords also indicates a beginning, a rejuvenation of the inner self. However, no one other than yourself can make you see that silver lining. Be positive.

Lesson: It rarely gets more difficult than this, but then highs and lows are a part and parcel of life. Try to look at the bright side, no matter how dark your side may be. You need to look within and see whether you made the right decisions in the first place. Perhaps, it was you who didn’t read the writing on the wall. It’s not too late! Take corrective actions and make a new beginning!


31 Dec 2013

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