Know what Tarot card readings say about your life in December 2013

December tarotscope Aries – The Empress – upright
The Empress card carries an image of a full-figured woman, wearing a crown and a patterned robe. She is surrounded by a lush green forest with a stream running through it. The appearance of this particular card in your readings indicates a deep connection with femininity. It can mean a lot of things – sensuality, beauty, fertility, creative expression, nurturing and all those elements that help create balance in men and women alike. You need to connect with your feminine energy, explore your surroundings, spend more time appreciating Mother Nature and create a beautiful world around you. Consider this to be a green signal for taking a break from the routine and going on a vacation. But avoid fancy hotels, try something like setting up a tent in jungle or beside a water body and exploring the places around. This card also suggests you to nurture your relations and be closer to your near and dear on a mental level.

Lesson: You may have been very busy with your work, finances, property matters, love life and what not. But now is the time to take a moment to look around and appreciate what you have. Thank those who have been with you through thick and thin, celebrate your good fortune, and most importantly, believe that you are worthy of being loved and cared about.

December tarotscope
Taurus – Ten of Swords – upright
The image on the Ten of Swords card is of a man lying face down with ten swords embedded in his back. The appearance of this card in your readings indicate bitter truths about life – failures, loss, setbacks, delays, betrayals and extremely emotional pain. You will have no option but to bear the pain. There is a great possibility that you will end up indulging in self-pity and curse your luck for all the bad things that have happened to you. You will even expect the people around you to acknowledge how troubled you are. While everything seems dark and gloomy, there does exist a silver lining. The Ten of Swords also indicates a beginning, a rejuvenation of the inner self. You may have hit rock bottom and things can’t go any worse than this. It is time you let things go and welcomed a new tomorrow.

Lesson: The challenging period will test your strengths and may even make you doubt your calibre. But look at the bright side, it will also give you an opportunity to take a closer look at your decisions and actions, help you differentiate between genuine and fair-weather friends and enable you to face the storm. Don’t give up now! Pin your hopes high and be positive to draw wisdom and to gain composure from failures.

December tarotscope
Gemini – Page of pentacles – upright
The tarot card of the Page of Pentacles shows a young man, standing alone in a field full of blossoming beautiful flowers. He has a bright gold coin in his hands. The Page of pentacles indicates new beginnings and the initial stages of a creative project/venture. It also symbolises your gradually growing awareness about the importance of health, money and other material needs. The appearance of this card in your readings suggests that you sincerely want to put your plans in action and realise your dreams. You may now need to grow as a person and as a professional, and expand your horizon to make the most of your abilities. Also, take steps to hone your skills and improve your knowledge base. However, the card doesn’t indicate the fulfilment of dreams, you will have to wait and watch to see what happens next.

Lesson: It is time to put your grand plans in action and make necessary alterations in them as and when needed. Work on improving your personality, and if that means going to college, attending special classes or learning something completely new, do it. Don’t be afraid of uncertainties, as they will always be there. You will have to trust your abilities and believe that you will definitely achieve your goals.

December tarotscope
Cancer – Four of swords – upright
The Four of Swords shows an image of a knight lying upon a tomb with his hands in the position of prayer. One sword lies beneath him and three swords hang above him, pointing downwards. The appearance of this card in your readings indicates that there is one key issue dominating your life right now. You may have been relentlessly fighting the challenging circumstances but now you may slow down. But don’t assume that the challenges are over. This is just a phase during which you should rest and recharge your energies. Give yourself some time to recover from the difficult times, the trauma of career issues, family problems, financial issues or loss of a loved one. Staying silent and inactive may be difficult but ensure to utilise this period to build your mental strength. Once you have recovered, you will be prepared to face challenges head-on and resume your efforts to bring success, peace and harmony in your life.

Lesson: This card suggests that you take a break, move away from your current circumstances and reflect on what has worked well and what hasn’t. You should rework on your strategies now and make necessary changes in your plans. Spend some time in solitude and meditate, if need be. The challenge is not yet over, so recharge your batteries and don’t lose your focus.

December tarotscope
Leo – Knight of Wands – upright
The Knight of Wants depicts an image of a man riding upon his horse. His face and posture bear the determination of one bound to succeed. You may have an interesting, promising idea in your mind about something specific and you will now take concrete steps and work on that idea. You are likely to be in such high spirits that you will tackle every challenge with exuberance, total commitment and determination. The appearance of this card in your readings suggests that you should start your projects with great enthusiasm and put your best foot forward to achieve desired results. But at the same time, you should keep your temper in control and maintain a balanced and realistic view. If you have been nurturing a dream or an idea, now is the time to push yourself a little and march towards your goals. You need to take calculated risks to realise your dreams.

Lesson: If there is an important issue in your life right now, deal with it upfront rather than waiting for it to go away by itself. In case there is no such matter in your life at the moment, be prepared as you may have to handle something that you had never expected. A change is likely and when it happens, don’t resist it. Be open to change and go with the flow. Make sure you channelise your energies in the right direction.

December tarotscope
Virgo – Ten of Cups – upright
The Ten of Cups shows a couple and two children, depicting happiness, emotional fulfilment, joy and harmony. This card points at your relationships and suggests that you may be having a good time as far as your equation with the people around you is concerned. It is possible that you will go on a vacation with your friends and family in the near future. A family reunion and celebrations are also foreseen. All these activities shall strengthen your bond with your near and dear ones. The time you will spend with them shall help you lay a firm foundation for a wonderful future together. You may even get into a romantic relationship. At this moment, you are very clear about how you want to lead your life. Things are going well for you, take a moment to show how grateful you are for all the good times.

Lesson: Have faith in your principles and work to create a better tomorrow for yourself as well as for your family. When in doubt, follow your heart and trust your instincts. And if you need inspiration, look within to find your driving force. You don’t have to follow the popular sentiments, rather do what you think is right for you. Embrace opportunities without thinking about how others may perceive it.

December tarotscope
Libra – Nine of Cups – reversed
The Nine of Cups shows a middle-aged man sitting upon a wooden bench with his arms crossed in contentment. Behind him is a wall with nine golden cups arranged in a structured, well-organised arch. When this card appears reversed in your tarot readings, it indicates that your desires and ambitions are not materialising as expected. The upright Nine of Cups symbolises a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and joy. But in its reversed position it indicates that deep down inside you feel lack of emotional fulfilment. Mistakes, overindulgence, greed and a superficial, materialistic and self-centred approach may be the major problem areas in your life right now. You may not be very concerned about others at the moment, as you may be driven by some selfish motives. This card also indicate that you may harm your health by over-indulging in food, alcohol, drugs, and sensual pleasures. Beware!

Lesson: The reversed Nine of Cups tells you to be considerate and polite. When you talk to people, ensure that you don’t use harsh words otherwise you will end up hurting their emotions. Overindulgence may affect your life and even tarnish your public image, hence be aware about the possible consequences of your actions. It is not too late to apply brakes and establish order. Well, things will not change overnight but you must understand the seriousness of matters.

December tarotscope
Scorpio – Ace of Swords – reversed
The appearance of reversed Ace of Swords in your tarot readings is a clear indication that you are confused about your goals and priorities. Nothing is wrong with your intelligence or calibre, but perhaps you need to put in more efforts to properly plan your strategies. This card often appears when one lacks clarity about the task/ project at hand. It also indicates you should spend more time on research and be realistic. Set achievable goals and also keep them time-bound so that you have a clear idea about what you are supposed to do. The reversed Ace of Swords also indicates that you are unsure about an idea. There is a possibility that you have too many ideas on the go and are confused about the decision which is making things all the more complicated.

Lesson: You are probably missing some important information or details that may help to get a clear picture of the situation. Look for those missing pieces to take a well-informed decision. Things are deteriorating at great speed, hence you will need to take actions as soon as possible. You need to invest your time and energy in seeking the truth; don’t take decisions just for the sake of it.

December tarotscope
Sagittarius – Two of pentacles – upright
The Two of Pentacles card depicts a young man dancing and juggling two Pentacles. The infinity sign loops around the two Pentacles. The appearance of this card in your readings indicates the you have the ability to handle multiple problems simultaneously. However, it also suggests that you should establish balance in various areas of your life. There is a strong likelihood that you are going through opposing desires and interests right now. It is advisable that you put in enough efforts to bring balance and harmony in your life while you handle other demands. Also, make sure you follow a proper routine and not let your long-term goals negatively affect your current situation. Financial matters may become a cause of concern around this period, hence, be extra careful. The possibility of challenges coming your way cannot be ruled out. Be open to change so that you can handle the tough times in a better manner.

Lesson: You are probably taking too many things for granted. The Two of Pentacles indicates that you should rethink your plans and take immediate steps to organise your life. Focus on monetary matters. If you feel confused, ask someone for their advice or employ a novel approach to tackle the problems. You may come across exciting opportunities, but before you take them up make sure you know what exactly you want from them.

December tarotscope
Capricorn – Wheel of fortune – upright
The Wheel of Fortune shows Aquarius in the top left corner, Scorpio in the top right corner, Leo in the bottom right corner and Taurus in the bottom left corner. These four Signs are fixed Signs, but here, their symbols have wings which indicates stability amidst change and movement. The Wheel of Fortune card also indicates that external factors, which may be unknown to you are affecting your situation. On the whole, this card refers to the fact of life – nothing is permanent, neither the good times nor the bad ones. If you are going through a difficult phase right now, don’t worry as things will change. There will be ups and downs, hence you are advised to look at the bright side and don’t let the bad times dampen your spirits and when the tide is in your favour, don’t become complacent.

Lesson: Life may have been unpredictable of late. You are advised to be flexible in your approach and to go with the flow. You need to accept that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to control each and everything that is happening around you. If you are pushed in another direction, do your best to find something meaningful and worthy of your time and efforts on the unknown path. Change is certainly on the cards, so be prepared for it.

December tarotscope
Aquarius – The Star – Upright
The Star card depicts a naked woman, kneeling at the edge of a small pool. There is one large bright star and seven small stars in the background. These stars represent your chakras. The appearance of this card in your readings suggests that you are entering or have already entered a fabulous phase in your life. The positive energy floating around is giving you mental stability and deeper understanding of the circumstances you may be in right now. Good times are in store for you but in order to make things happen you should first realise that you deserve a better future. If you have been facing some sort of opposition or negative feedback, this card indicates a positive period and encourages you to believe in your strengths and skills. You will definitely find what you have been yearning for! Amen!

Lesson: You have been through a tough period but now you are open to healing and transformation. Let the bygones be bygones so that you can move ahead in life. Free yourself from negative emotions like hatred, envy, bitterness and revenge, otherwise they will get in the way of your future happiness. Employ the forgive and forget policy and make way for new opportunities to enter your life.

December tarotscope
Pisces – Two of Swords – upright
The Two of Swords shows an image of a young, blindfolded woman holding a sword in each hand. She portrays a calm state of mind but a close look at her posture indicates that she may be trying to avoid some important decisions. The appearance of this card in your tarot readings suggests that you are unable to take a firm decision about an important matter. If left to you, you will happily ignore the presence of the problem. But you need to know that the situation will not change on its own. Sooner or later, you will have to remove your blindfold and address the matter. You may need to change your usual way of thinking in order to handle the circumstances in a better manner. Summarily, it can be said that you need to find greater balance in your life.

Lesson: It’s time you open your eyes and face the challenges head-on. Focus on developing greater understanding of relationships and human values, as this will help you appreciate others’ views. You may have different opinions but it is important that you respect those of others. Accept the reality and make necessary adjustments so that you don’t lose your peace of mind.


06 Dec 2013

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