Libra Love Life in 2014 – Do not let misunderstandings creep into your relationship; they may throw your love life off balance

Highs and lows are a part and parcel of every relationship, how you handle them will decide the future of your love life

  • Ganesha foresees a somewhat challenging period for your love life, as there are likely to be many occasions of conflicts between you and your beloved. Not all of the differences will be severe in nature, though.
  • Be objective and practical in order to stop things from going bad to worse. Also, avail Love Ask 3 Questions
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  • Singles may find someone special and start sailing in the oceans of love. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling for someone older than you.
  • The period between 30th September to 22nd October 2014 is going to prove very important time for your love life. During this period transiting Venus will be closely associated with Sun and Saturn so you will have to handle your relationship with utmost care.
  • Singles although have scope of beginning a new relationship during the aforementioned period, there are equal chances of parting ways with your beloved. Take mature decisions while these planetary influences are in progress.
  • The later part of the year is suitable for tying the nuptial knot. However, it is advisable that you get a 100% personalised Kundali Matching
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  • If you are married, you need to be very patient and calm to avoid misunderstandings during the period 30th September to 22nd October 2014, otherwise the differences will end up leading your love life to the middle of the nowhere. Clear communication will surely help.

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31 Dec 2013