2014 Gemini Horoscope

Year 2014 at a glance

This year, your ever-increasing workload may force you to make drastic changes in your routine. You may be working longer-than-usual hours, and you may have to make time for activities, which you never planned to include in your regular schedule. However, despite the fact that you may have been working very hard, you may still not be satisfied with the results – particularly with the financial remuneration that you would receive. It will be important for you that you work to enhance your stamina and mood. Exercising regularly and practising Yoga shall help you vastly.
Good thing is that in your mind, you shall be absolutely clear about which path to choose in your career. In case you do reach a cross-roads, you will immediately know which way to take from there. On the financial front, you are likely to face some hurdles in the initial months of the year, but by the year end things shall smooth out to quite an extent. Beware though, for owing to your focus on work, you may end up alienating your friends or loved ones.
Also, remember this is a Sun Sign based report, and hence may largely be generalised. For 100% personalised and relevant-to-you forecasts, calculated basis your Personal Horoscope, on every facet of your life in the year ahead, upgrade to our premium 2014 Yearly Reports.
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Gemini Career 2014

As aforementioned already, brace up for an uplhill, hectic year ahead on the professional front. Plus, even though you may give your best on the work front, you may constantly feel bogged down by the fact that your efforts are not being recognised or rewarded. Remember, you have to guard against caving in to such negative feelings or thoughts, points out Ganesha. There may, in fact, even be some job insecurity. However, the year is not even very favourable for a change of jobs, so stick around, at least till the stars turn in your favour, of which there are some chances in the latter part of the year. However, if you get another offer with a really substantial pay hike, you may consider it positively if you are prepared to adjust yourself in entirely new circumstances.

Career is a vital area of your life, and after the pervious year’s rather tumultous turns, you would not want to take it lightly. Plus, the Sun Sign-based predictions can never be an entirely just indicator of what’s to come. Your detailed Personal Horoscope is the best mirror of what to expect, what challenges to prepare for and what action to take. Get a premium 2014 Career Report,
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Gemini Love & Marriage 2014

Singles are likely to face some trials and tribulations in their romantic relationships this year. The situations may be fragile and you may feel vulnerable. Particularly the second quarter of 2014 may be very delicate. Chances of a break-up are quite strong, so steer clear of arguments and conflicts. Also, keep your temper in check, and stay collected. If a precious relationship seems to be spiralling out of hand or marriage is on your mind, we sincerely suggest that you get a Horoscope-based Astrology reading, which will help you look at your life from an objective and reliable perspective and take concrete decisions – get a 2014 Love and Marriage Prospects Report
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Note that your Sun Sign suggests that if initiating a relationship is on your mind, the first half of July would be quite favourable. Another good thing is that for married couples 2014 largely promises a smooth sailing. The couples shall not only be on the same wavelength, but shall also lend each other great financial and social support. You are also likely to head together for a vacation, and the chemistry you will share shall grow stronger by the day. Still, those planning to tie the nuptial knot this year are advised get a completely personalised Kundli Matching
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Gemini Finance 2014

Ganesha foretells that a dearth of finances may impede your progress in the first quarter of the year 2014. You need to use your resources wisely to sail through the tough phase, after which you may expect your monetary inflows to increase substantially. However, Ganesha advises you not to spend it recklessly, but rather to either pump it back into your business so that you can expand your operations or, if you are a professional, to invest it wisely to secure your future. The idea is to build a solid cushion for the years to come where even in severe emergencies you don’t run out of cash. Avoid major expenses at all costs. Also, when it comes to delicate matters like finance, wealth and property, it’s best to plan and stay ahead. Find out what your personal stars say for your financial stars in the year ahead and even beyond. You may choose to get your Horoscope-based 2014 Finance Report
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Gemini Business 2014

Business sets to shape up well for your Sun Sign in 2014. Things shall progress as per your plans in the first half of the year, during which you would be wise enough to lay the foundations for the second half. You are likely to outshine your rivals, no matter how tough the competition may be. Ganesha, however, advises you not to expand your team too much, as it may become difficult for you to manage well the increased work force. However, you may recruit a couple of experienced hands to lessen your burden. Plus, there may be nagging issues, which may mar the progress of some projects. Try and keep a balanced approach, and don’t hesitate to get a deeper answer – from the stars. How? Ask us a Business Question
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Foreign travel is likely, and is bound to help you on the business front. The phase from September to December 2014 looks set to be very favourable for you. Events during this phase shall impact your business in the years to come. Know more about the challenges and opportunities coming your way on the business front this year! Get 2014 Business Report
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Tips for Gemini

  • Fix a daily routine and follow it strictly. Do not neglect niggling health problems. Pace your work burden judiciously so that you don’t have to over-exert yourself
  • Stay optimistic and involve yourself in creative pursuits. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind
  • You need to spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest ones, which shall both help you unwind as well as make them happy

Always remember that Sun Sign based predictions, though quite accurate and relevant, are largely generic in nature and apply to a large population. For 100% unique and personalised predictions, that would be applicable entirely to your life, even on a micro-level, you will always need to get a Premium, Horoscope-based, Astrologer generated Report. For 2014 Personalised Reports tailor-made to cater to all your needs, you may check out our 2014 Horoscopes Section
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19 Oct 2013

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