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What does the Tarot Deck say for the year 2014

The World in 2014 – a general perspective

Tarot Card for the world – The Three of Swords (Upright)
The spiritual master draws the card of Three of Swords (Upright) for the world for the year 2014. What does this indicate? Does this signals the beginning of a turbulent time? Read on.

General Indication:
When the Tarot Card of Three of Swords appears in a Tarot reading, there is a definite hint towards a looming crisis, especially on the relationship front. On an individual level, the Card indicates matters related to love life may go for a toss, leaving the ones involved in great emotional pain and agony. Business and professional partnerships may also go through a rough patch, mainly due to a lack of mutual trust and respect. This Card also indicates setbacks on the business front.

What Three of Swords (upright) indicates for the World –
There may be lack of commitment in people’s dealings, be it regarding personal or professional matters. In large organisations, common, unsuspecting people may end up being scapegoats, owing to some larger conspiracies. On personal levels, people around the world may begin to analyse their relationships in a different light altogether. There may be a general feeling of unrest among the masses, and there may be a heightened interest in esoteric subjects. More number of people may seek astrological, philosophical or spiritual guidance to deal with the increasing pressure they may feel/ encounter.

Talking about business and commerce around the world, Ganesha says that there is a strong possibility of big partnership groups/ companies/ organisations falling apart or getting dissolved. Some nations or states may get also get divided or may be merged with other states/nations. We will also see some nations/states getting together to overpower other weaker/ smaller nation/state. The possibility of battles and bloodshed too cannot be ruled out. May Lord Ganesha bless this world with peace and harmony.

India in 2014 – A General Perspective

Tarot Card for India – The Devil (Reversed)
The spiritual master draws the card of The Devil (Reversed) for India for the year 2014. What does this indicate? Is this a reason to fear? Read on.

General Indication:
The Major Arcana Card of the Devil signifies temptation, and unlike the popular understanding, it is not an entirely negative card. The appearance of the Devil in a Tarot reading in a reversed position, however, may be indicative of individuals letting their darker side come to the fore. They will do whatever is needed to fulfil their needs and desires. People may become less sensitive and may eventually detach themselves from their relationships. In other words, materialism and money-mindedness shall increase as individuals become more aware about their personal lives and future security. The sense of freedom shall become more pronounced, bringing a change in the society.

What the Devil card (reversed) indicates for India
The appearance of the Devil card in the reversed position suggests tough times for India. Many areas, especially politics and the financial market, will go through a very challenging period. There may arise a strong need to establish some control over these areas. More so, because India’s financial debt is likely to increase. New political parties may get formed, whereas the old ones may have some major fallouts. In fact, we may get to see some new faces emerging as leaders. All in all, it may be the year of change for India, Indian politics as well as for the Indian business domain, as some major cleansing the aforementioned areas is likely to take place.

This Card suggests that Indians may become more goal-oriented and develop a strong desire to be more independent in their careers. Looking at this trend from another perspective, Ganesha says that this could be a conducive year for India to reduce dependence on other countries and to start producing things that are usually imported. Since a huge number of Indians will want to earn more money and live a luxurious life, there is a possibility of a substantial increase in the number of unlawful practices in India.

Besides, people may indulge in unhealthy lifestyle and incur huge expenses for just for the sake of it. Even a number of Indian States will spend huge sums on a variety of projects. However, on the other hand, they will have to bear more taxes and additional financial burden.

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19 Oct 2013

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