2013 Numerology – Birth Number 4

Birth Number 4

Ganesha predicts that as far as your career is concerned, the year 2013 is going to be a virtual roller-coaster ride for you. At times you may feel things are turning out to be positive for you, while at other times negativity may shroud your mood. Besides, with circumstances being in a constant state of flux, it is going to be difficult for you to make decisions. You are advised not to take any drastic step such as changing your job or career. What you need this year is stability, and this is where our numerology product Career Name Change can help you.

Things do not look very auspicious on the financial front for you this year. It is not as if you will not be able to meet the expenses for your basic necessities, but just that your definition of necessities is going to expand and include many more things for which you may not have sufficient funds. So, to overcome this crisis, you may desperately look for avenues to earn some extra cash. The year is auspicious, though, if you wish to dispose off your property or old vehicles because they may fetch a good price. You can get more sound advise on this from our product Money Name Change.

Ganesha predicts that during the year 2013, you are likely to feel stifled by formal relationships. You will feel like flying like a free bird, and you will feel that things like relationship, commitment, conditions, restrictions are an impediment in marching forward towards your goals. You are also likely to feel that these things mean that the love you are receiving is not true, and you may crave for true, totally unconditional love. It is not easy to find true love in this world, but our product Love Name Change might help you realise some of your dreams.

Your health during the year 2013 will be far from satisfactory, warns Ganesha. In fact, your energy levels will dip alarmingly, and you will run out of steam after just a little work. What’s more, your work burden is likely to increase, putting even more physical and mental stress on you. Under the circumstances, you are advised to take good care of your health by practising traditional methods of maintaining fitness like yoga, meditation and breath control, or pranayam. If you do fall ill, these things can considerably hasten your recovery time. You might also want to check out our 2013 Detailed Yearly report to bring about a positive change in all areas of your life.

30 Dec 2012