Libra 2013 Tarot Readings

The Tower – Reversed
The Divine Tarot power has drawn the card The Tower for the Zodiac Sign Libra for the year 2013. The card appears reversed in the reading, though. Read ahead to see what this implies for the Zodiac Sign Libra –

Here in this card a Tower, symbolic of pure materialistic existence, is shown as being destroyed by a bolt of lightening. It just shows that the belief that selfish and ruthless dealings only can help one progress in the world, is a frail foundation to build your dreams on. Such dealings may get you to the top rapidly, but your fall from grace is going to be just as rapid. The lightening symbolises spiritual truth which demolishes senseless materialistic ambitions that one may be harbouring in the mind.

When this card turns up in a spread, it would suggest that the native is too worldly minded and may be chasing after creature comforts with all his might. However, the selfish ambitions are about to be shattered by destiny. There are conflicts, confusion, unanticipated calamities in store for the him.

What does the card say for 2013?
Sudden upheavals, emotional outbursts, breaking through ego defences, being humbled, a downfall, or even a sudden revelation of the Truth are all indicated by the card The Tower for the Libra people in 2013. One look at this card and it is clear that something is afoot, and it doesn’t look good. The Tower card card is all about change; and usually not-so-pleasant change.

Changes in life are typically gradual. This allows the Libra mind to get used to change, or become accustomed to different shifts in their lives. When a sudden, cataclysmic change occurs, though, such as what the Tower card suggests, it is an anomaly of sorts. Such a drastic upheaval means the Universe trying to wake them up from their zombie-like state. This wake-up call comes in the form of an event that blind-sides them and shakes them out of the fog they have been living in.

When this cards comes up reversed, as in this case, it means pretty much the same things as above, but the severity of the unfortunate situations will be less. The Libra native may break the shackles of their materialistic bondages but may have to pay a heavy price in the process. There are likely to be false allegations against them, which may even land them behind bars.

Remember that Tarot is not a concrete science, and you will do well to use these readings as lessons of life, lessons that shall help you sail smoothly in the coming year. However, if you want a personalised, individual reading that will give you a more concrete picture, we suggest you get a Natal Chart based service. You can choose from any of our 2013 service, or you may simply get a 2013 Detailed Yearly Report.

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30 Dec 2012