Cancer 2013 Tarot Readings

Knight of Pentacles – Reversed
The Divine Tarot power has drawn the card Knight of Pentacles for the Zodiac Sign Cancer for the year 2013. The card appears reversed in the reading, though. Read ahead to see what this implies for the Zodiac Sign Cancer –

The imagery in this card depicts a knight and his horse, heavily protected, as if hoping for the best and prepared for the worst. There is a cluster of leaves in his helmet, showing his love of nature. The pentacle in front of him signifies wealth.

The Knight of Pentacles signifies that you are unwavering, cautious, thorough, realistic and very hard working. It also indicates that you are a very meticulous and orderly person, and put in lot of efforts to gain perfection in your work. Though you are honest and faithful, you may be a bit short on ideas and creativity. However, when the card comes up reversed, as in this case, it would suggest that you are stubborn, conservative, obsessive and pessimistic.

What does the card say for 2013?
The Knight of Pentacles will be invested with a great deal of responsibility in 2013 for the Cancer native. Good thing is that Cancers normally don’t feel burdened by it, rather they enjoy being in control of things and the incumbent sense of self-esteem. And, though they are invested with leadership qualities, they make good team members, too.

Crabs can also be fiercely protective, both of their family and people in their immediate social circle. They go to any lengths to guard the people who are dear to them. Because of this protectiveness, people feel safe around them. They also tend to attract people in distress who want a shoulder to cry on, but sometimes these personalities can be needy, and expect more from them than they are capable of giving. In short, their generosity may be taken advantage of, if they are not careful enough.

For the Cancer people, the card Knight of Pentacles has come up reversed for the year 2013, which means much the opposite of the aforementioned traits. Cancers may rend to be impatient, and may not take their responsibilities seriously. They may also become lethargic and greedy in the course of . It can have have a direct bearing on their financial situation in 2013, so they will have to be very careful of not falling into such a trap.

Remember that Tarot is not a concrete science, and you will do well to use these readings as lessons of life, lessons that shall help you sail smoothly in the coming year. However, if you want a personalised, individual reading that will give you a more concrete picture, we suggest you get a Natal Chart based service. You can choose from any of our 2013 service, or you may simply get a 2013 Detailed Yearly Report.

Also, don’t forget to follow our 2013 Love Pages and 2013 Career Pages to know what lies ahead for your Zodiac Sign in the year 2013. If Numerology enthuses you, we also have Number forecasts for the year 2013 in our Numerology 2013 pages.

30 Dec 2012

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