Scorpio 2013 Love Horoscope

Scorpio and their love life
Passionate, capable, keenly intuitive and yet insecure, restless and secretive, Scorpios are mysterious beings. Preoccupied and suspicious, they are often fiercely protective about their own selves and their loved ones. When provoked, they respond back with the famous scorpion sting, which is instant justice served in their raw and intense world. Love for the Scorpio people is the ultimate aim for oneness with their lover, with the carnal desires and physicality dominating their urges. For them, love is worth any sacrifice and it is the supreme emotion. Sex is a medium through which the Scorpio individuals can touch the very essence of their lover, the ultimate act of exchange of desire, which makes it not subtle but demonstrative in sheer physical sense. A Scorpio lover is potent, protective, gentle, loving, committed and loyal. Do you have an enigmatic Scorpio lover? Let us help you to understand your equation better with them by our Couple Analysis report. This report will give you a deep insight regarding the positive and negative aspects of compatibility between you and your Scorpio partner, as this is a personalised, Natal Chart based report, and hence more detailed and comprehensive.

Love life in 2013
There is good news for Scorpio singles this year. If only you could lower your expectations a little bit, you could find the soul mate and the love of your life you were waiting for. But Ganesha has put a rider to this. According to it, you may have to change your perspective a little bit and alter your mind set a bit and broaden your mind, you will definitely come in contact with prospective eligible singles, who may be matching your wavelength. Do you wish to know about your prospects of love and marriage in the year 2013? Avail our 2013 Love and Marriage Prospects service and get a complete account of your prospects this year.

Those of you who are already in a committed relationship, should refrain themselves from being over-possessive or jealous, advises Ganesha. This can harm your relationship. Give your partner enough space so that he or she can freely express without getting stifled.

Those of you who are married will face a stressful year ahead, forewarns Ganesha. This is happening due to the transit of South Node through Taurus. This transit may lead to a lot of discord and extremely bitter arguments with your partner. Hence, if you want to prevent your marriage from breaking up, you have to take a placatory stance and to compromise and adjust at any cost. Being inflexible at this juncture could cause the break up of your marriage and hence you have to be very careful. If you fail to achieve harmony in your married life, you may end up paying a heavy price for it, not in the monetary sense, but it will cause you a lot of trauma and tear you apart emotionally. Hence you have to tread very carefully on this front. We at are always here to give your martial problems a patient hearing. Avail our Marital Problems service and discuss your Marital Problems with us to find the right kind of solution for you both considering the aspects of your and as well as your partner’s horoscope. This report will help you to take a reconciliatory approach towards your martial problems and will definitely help you turn the tide for the better.

30 Dec 2012

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