Libra 2013 Career Horoscope

Libra Traits
Libra is an Air Sign, which makes the natives of this Sign mentally alert, curious and sociable. All kinds of occupations that can stimulate their intellect and give them a chance to communicate will attract the Libra people. They are sophisticated, balanced in their approach and natural charmers who connect with people well. Also, they are happy to help others and cooperate with them. People born under the Zodiac Sign Libra are endowed with sense of justice, fairness and a refined taste. Besides, they need variety, liberal exchange of ideas and harmony as far as succeeding on the career front is concerned. Therefore, they tend to do well in leadership and organizational roles and are not satisfied in a subordinate position. To know more about Libra, get a personalised and authentic Astro Profile for FREE!

Libra Career in 2013
This year is going to be a mixed bag for Libra people, especially on the career front. To know what the year ahead may bring for you on various other fronts, such as love and finance, we suggest you to get your 2013 Yearly Report Detailed. During 2013, you will work hard to excel in your job and improve your financial status. However, the challenge for you would be to maintain your career progress despite all the distractions, disappointments and delays.

Ganesha foresees that you will come across situations that may tempt you to change your current job. The period between last week of February to the first week of July is going to bring about an unwanted change in your career. This particular period may go on to become quite challenging for you. Be cautious, watch your words and don’t do anything that would make the matters worse. Try and maintain cordial relations with your superiors. If you think nothing can help things get better, you may search for another job. But, again, be very careful, because any impulsive decision can have a direct bearing on your financial condition. Get 2013 Finance Report to know how the year ahead may unfold as far as your finances are concerned.

But there is also much to look forward to, says Ganesha. The second week of July onwards, you are going to be happy and stable in your job. You will be assigned new projects, which will encourage you to put your best foot forward. The last quarter of 2013 will instil positivity in you and give a significant boost to your career. It may be a bumpy ride, but Ganesha promises that the year is going to end on positive note.

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30 Dec 2012